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‘Are We Better’

sung by Derrick Seales
composed by Curtis Edwards



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Verse 1

Ah want to know what is going on
In we country these days
We seem to be falling down
In every possible way
Corruption and the politicians
They are one
Living off the public funds
While me and you fight for crumbs


Are we better, Fifty later
Come on T&T
You can speak to me
Are we safer Fifty later
When ah talk to ole man Joe
He say Trini wasn’t so (we daughters)
Two children by age fifteen
The young men can’t make eighteen
Murders - everywhere
We now - live in fear
Are we better here, after fifty years

Verse 2

People cannot buy food to eat
Vagrants cover the streets
Crime is now a big business
While we health sector in a mess
Oh my God, put a hand
On this blessed nation
Help we leaders do things right
So T&T can unite


Verse 3

Let us put aside politics
And please stop getting kicks
T&T need all ah we
In shaping its destiny
With love, with peace
And respect, unity
Honest people in the lead
Whether race, colour or creed


Verse 4

Talking to all the stakeholders
Of our nation
Parents, teachers, all leaders
To play their part in this land
The main aim.. our children’s future
That’s for sure
This nation could only grow
By the type of seeds that we sow

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“Are We Better”
Derrick Seales

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Curtis Edwards
Curtis Edwards

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