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‘Dus’ in Dey Face’

sung by David Rudder
composed by Pelham Goddard & David Rudder

produced by Pelham Goddard



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Verse 1

“Oh gorm!”
Ah fella bawl out like Sprangalang
“Oh gorm!”
It was a man from a big steelband
Shot call -
ah fella stan’ up and start to cuss
How come -
they gih the first prize to Exodus
Well they come from the East
and they play like they mad
And they wheel and they tumble
And when the dust done clear
and the marks declare
Big men start to grumble
Even the Lord Kitchener
start to make he manema
He say “They can’t catch we
so next year Panorama
Tell them boys
they have to beg for they supper”
We coming, and it’s doye doye doye
doye doye doye doye
doye doye Doye Doye


When you see we come down
Tell them war declare in de town
Is dus’ in deh face! Dus’ in deh face!
Guns will be blasting for sure
In this musical war - Dus’ in deh face!
Ah tell yuh dus’ in deh face!
Ah telling yuh, we looking for fight,
it’s trouble tonight
We feeling alright, it’s a panman’s war
Yes me breddah
We come out for war, to settle a score
The tenors sawed off
so it’s booyaka, booyaka Aye mama
Dus’ - in deh face - is dus’  in deh face - is dus,’   in deh face - is Dus’ Dus’! Dus’! Aye’!

Verse 2

Big fete,
like the whole of the East gone mad
People, the traffic police had it hard
Prancing -
mama they get on like leggo beast
Boasing, how they proud
to be from the East
They say, “Tell Port of Spain
we coming again
That was a warm up”
And then they went down to Point,
they mash up the joint
The lick-up was non-stop.
Respect now is what we want
Dey cyah take we light again
We ain’t taking no prisoners, so sorry
We soaking we belt in cut tail pee
So when we reach,
it go be whap whap whap whap
whap whap whap Aye!



Will the judges give we first place tonight?
The count was slow
but I still feel we play alright
Yuh think the ‘Radoes beat we’?
Renegades and Pamberi’?
Ah like the things
ah hear that Bradley do
Ah hear Tan Yuk doh like we
And Merle Albino funny
You think that Exodus could make it two’?

Verse 3

All Stars, Desperadoes and Renegades
Quiet -
but they sharpening their music blades
Fonclaire, de Phase and de Humming Bird
Waiting, for the Judges to gih the word
And Lincoln and Bertie and Birdie and Co.
They love the bacchanal
Dem whey tune the Pans
Now dey watching de jam
In this panist carnival
Now it come to this
after two months of labour
Living on nuts and corn from dust ‘til dawn
We must refuse, to think ‘bout lose
Nobody could beat we
Ah tell you - nah nah nah
Nah nah nah nah nah nah - No!

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David Rudder
David Rudder

David Rudder was born in Belmont, Trinidad on May 6, 1953. One of nine children, he spent much of his early childhood with his grandmother, a spiritual Baptist, growing up near a pan yard and a Shango yard, in a neighbourhood where boys dreamed of being entertainers. It was at school that he discovered how much art, painting and sculpture really interested him. Rudder began singing at the age of 11 with a group called The Solutions. In 1977, he joined the brass band Charlie’s Roots and began charting his musical career.

In the early days, Rudder acquired a reputation as a back-up singer in the calypso tent run by Lord Kitchener, while earning his living as an accountant with the Trinidad Bus Company. Rudder’s first big break came when Christopher "Tambu" Herbert, lead singer with Charlie’s Roots, fell ill after an exhausting tour of Guyana and suggested his friend Rudder as a temporary replacement. Rudder stayed on as a co-lead singer, and built a reputation for his scintillating performances. His exposure to Shango and the Pan Yards influenced his music, he was also influenced by Jazz and African artists such as Yossou N’Dour, Alpha Blondy. He is known as one of the few band singers who wrote all his own songs.

Pelham Goddard after his WST interview
Pelham Goddard

Pelham Goddard’s years of hard work and extraordinary accomplishments have been recognized by the Trinidad & Tobago government with Pelham Goddard receiving one of the twin-island republic’s highest awards, the Hummingbird Silver Medal, along with many others including the Sunshine Award for arranging and producing. Pelham Goddard continues to brew up a storm of hits and arrangements in his studio, as resident arranger for Exodus Steel Orchestra and abroad.

In 1972 put his mark on the National Lottery 3rd World Steel Orchestra’s hits like Gold and American Patrol, and the results sated on the charts for weeks, and also went over well in North America.

The name Pelham Goddard can be found in numerous album credits of musical heavyweights such as the late Ras Shorty I (formerly known as Lord Shorty) and other calypso legends like Mighty Shadow, Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Super Blue, Singing Francine and also Charlie’s Roots.  In his years he has also combined his talents with those of Ed Watson and the late Art de Couteau.

In 1986 Pelham arranged David Rudder’s music, giving Rudder the crown for every calypso competition he entered. Pelham is the only musician in history whose arrangements won thirteen ‘Road Marches.’

More on Pelham Goddard

Bio edited by C. Phillips


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