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‘More Love’

sung by “Black Stalin”
lyrics by Dr. Leroy Calliste
composed by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

arranged by Leston Paul



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Verse 1

Tell me where the love
that we had long ago -
(don’t know, don’t know)
Everybody keep asking where did it go
(don’t know, don’t know)
While along the way, it just disappear,
It vanish, recently,
Right into de atmosphere
In this time,
Nobody ain’t really does give a damn
about anything
Gone are the days
When people use to love with sincerity
So we got to do better, to get rid of this,
that only plaguing we, in this society
So we got to do something,
just to stop this germ,
for I say nobody,
could ever do it for all ah we

Chorus 1

(Too much of fussing and fighting
Too much of petty scrambling
Too much of damn disunity
Too much of damn dishonesty
Now is time to get together and
Come on people show your fellowman
More love we need, to succeed)
Repeat chorus

Verse 2

Tell me where is the care
that we use to share
(don’t know, don’t know)
The same care
that we cherish all through the year
(don’t know, don’t know)
Where the care has gone
I can’t understand;
Is just hate, and more hate
That stalking this bless’ed land
We like a, ship sailing the sea today
without engine or rudder
Drifting along and just keep sinking
deeper and deeper down
We need a rescue mission -
To bring back we sweet -
twin island just the way
that how it used to be
So it’s up to you and me, make it a duty
For I say nobody
Could ever do it for all ah we


Verse 3

Don’t you think it is time
that we come of age
(don’t know, don’t know)
Don’t you think it is time
to turn a new page
(don’t know, don’t know)
You look out for me, I look out for you
Best wishes, all the time
Each and everything thing you do
We got to, start looking out -
one more time again - for one another
And start to, see we self again
just like brothers and sisters
If we only stop lapsing, and we only start
You know that we could be
heading for prosperity
So it’s up to you and me, just to make it real
For I say nobody
Could ever do it for all ah we


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“More Love”
“Black Stalin”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Black Stalin
“Black Stalin” (Dr. Leroy Calliste

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Composer, steelband arranger and panist Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe
Composer, steelband arranger and panist Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

Len “Boogsie” Sharpe is an ace composer, musician and arranger. A world-renowned performer in his own right, Sharpe has received many accolades and awards including his country’s Hummingbird Medal (Gold) for his contributions to the development of the steelpan artform.

As a cultural icon in Trinidad and Tobago - pan player, arranger and composer, “Boogsie” is dedicated to creating music that people from all walks of life can appreciate and enjoy. In addition to being a lauded soloist, he also channels his musical talents through his champion steel orchestra, Phase II Pan Groove.

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