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‘Musical Giants’

sung by Simeon Superville
composed by Simeon Superville



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Verse 1

We are the big bands comin’ hard
with we style of course,
The Musical Giants - woe ya yoe......
Crushing everything, with we immense force
The Musical Giants - woe ya yoe.......
We musical power
does make dem band cower,
Especially when we on stage
we have the crowd going all night,
But we cannot help if we
overpower bands outright,
’Cause it is what it is,
we big reputation that we are,
That we are (x3)


The great Musical Giants (x2)
We always sound like a huge army,
ready to break down the stage,
Big band ah rampage (x2)
rocking down the stage,
Getting on - in a rage,
We are the kings,
We are the rulers of Pan
Musical Giants

Verse 2

They say that it’s no competition
without we big band,
The Musical Giants - woe ya yoe......
If we doh enter
squash competition plans,
The Musical Giants - woe ya yoe....
Making every effort
to hold on to we spot
Done know it really not easy
is a lot of dedication,
And a lot of discipline
but we does have we fun,
So it is what it is we big reputation
That we are (x4)

Chorus 2

The great Musical Giants (x2)
I tell yuh plain we full ah artillery
ready to buss out for free,
And they would all see
they cannot test we - we nah easy,
We have them all - too busy
The champions - running the steelband nation
Musical Giants...

Verse 3

It have plenty bands in the world
want to sound like we,
The Musical Giants - woe ya yoe....
Copy we music
but the people does see
The Musical Giants - woe ya yoe....
We does come so different,
Every year a new scent
of music to fill the air,
To capture that musical flare
Impress judges to see
our renditions is rare
Keep it up, keep it up our reputation
That we are (x4)

Chorus 3

The great Musical Giants (x2)
We always come out with something new
to please the musical ear
We jammin’ dem hard,
We make dem all dance
giving them more music
And giving dem... Performance
Now they would know -
know who we are
Musical Giants

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“Musical Giants”
Simeon Superville

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Simeon Superville
Simeon Superville

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Simeon Superville is a young singer-songwriter and music producer in the calypso soca and reggae arena. Currently pursuing studies in general musicianship, he is intent on taking calypso and soca further musically, by utilizing more visual imagery so persons can not only hear creativity - but also ‘see’ it.

Superville hails from Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad to be exact). He started out as a DJ around ten years old, taking the lead from his father, whose own DJ career was in the “vinyl era.” Experiencing all the great music of those days, Superville discovered he had an ear for music and noteworthy melodies.

He began studying music in earnest in 2004 when he entered the Diego Martin Government Secondary School, finding the going tough at the beginning. However, with some hard work and having the innate knack he quickly progressed, finishing in 2006, having immense gratitude for Mrs. Joan Bacchus -Xavier for tutoring and equipping him with such great skills.

In 2007 Superville joined ‘Pan round de neck’ band St. James Tripolians on the single guitar. Through members Keith Simpson and Darrell Reid he further developed his ability, maturing into one of the band’s best players. The 2008 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama season saw him performing with Silver Stars Steel Orchestra’s stage side for a short period. Having to make a choice between the two organizations, Superville opted to support St. James Tripolians, and said goodbye to his opportunity to make the move to “the big band.”

His association with Tripolians allowed him to travel once to Barbados, in 2008. From 2007 through the present, he has performed five times in the annual Panorama competition with the band, as well as in the Pan Down Memory Lane competitions.  Superville is currently pursuing studies in general musicianship music theory at Music Makers Pan School, having already completed short courses in live sound engineering and studio production.  Last year’s Hold Up The Faith for Panorama 2012 was his first composition overall.  He has released the track featured here, Musical Giants for Panorama 2013.

Edited by C. Phillips


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