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‘Musical Wind’

sung by “Blackie”
composed by Barnett “Preacher” Henry

arranged by Leston Paul



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Verse 1

Comin’ out the house this morning
I nearly capsize
De way how the wind was blowing
Ah had to run back inside
Comin’ out dey this morning
I nearly fall down
De way how the wind was blowing
It try to throw meh down
What really frighten meh
When ah hear this strange harmony
While the wind blowing
It humming this melody


Ah hear ‘voo’ ah hear ‘vaa’
Ah hear ‘vee’ ah hear ‘vaa’
The wind blowing (ooh ooh) (x 3)
The wind blowing
Rags up in the sky (ooh ooh ooh)
Flags up in the sky (ooh ooh ooh)
Towel start to fly (ooh ooh ooh)
Everything up high (ooh ooh ooh)
The wind blowing (ooh ooh)
The wind blowing
Ah musical wind blowing ’way everything

Verse 2

Well now ah stand up dey listening
The sound ah the breeze
The way how it whistling
Coming through all the trees
It sound like ah orchestra that playing music
What ah was hearing in meh head
Sound so fantastic
Man ah start to jump up
Yes ah start to wine
The sound ah the wind
Really blow meh mind


Verse 3

Ah say ah go stay right inside
When ah see dark skies
Ah turn on meh television
Listening the weather man
He say it having bad weather
Later on today
Probably when the wind was blowing
It blow the dark skies away
So ah call meh boss man
Ah say ah cyah come to work today
Ah deadly wind invasion
Taking over the land


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“Musical Wind”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Irvin “Blackie” Blackman
Irvin “Blackie” Blackman

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Irvin Blackman is a retired Chief Petty officer in the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard. He began his singing career professionally in 1990, with his first song a hit – “Form a line and wine.”

Blackman was a finalist in the National Soca Monarch finals on five occasions. In 1999 his first song for the national instrument was “Ting Tang,” played by 26 steelbands overall in the Panorama competition that year. “Ting Tang” also won the Pan road march competition which was introduced by Pan Trinbago for steel bands only.

Success followed Blackman in 2000 with - “Tenor Fever” - again another popular number for Panorama, with 18 steelbands taking it to the competition. “Ah Hook” was a hot favorite for 2005, copping an award at the International Soca Monarch Awards for the most Humorous Song for 2005. The artist also claimed that award again in 2007 with “He Lie.” 

For 2013 “Blackie” has returned for the Panorama season with Musical Wind, composed by Barnett “Preacher” Henry and produced and arranged by Leston Paul.

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