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‘My Band’

sung by Emmanuel “Oba” Synette
composed by Amrit Samaroo

produced by Kareem Brown



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Verse 1

We never loss,
We just give them fellahs a chance,
Because it have no resistance,
When we jam,
All man jack does have to dance,
Charisma and pure performance,
We have natural in abundance,
Waste of time,
If you want me change my stance
When we come down it like a tsunami
Rushing from the hills
With we whole community,
If yuh think ah lie
Just come down and see on the day,
And listen to the crowd
When is time to play!


But this year!  Woi yo!
We taking no prisoners and is no mercy,
Yes this year! Woi yo!
It have no steelband
Better than my band (x4)

Verse 2

Dey does come and go like a bus,
When we win they all does jump up,
Beat they chest
And tell people dey come first
Wait!  And three years without a title
You know dem same blasted people,
Jump on stage,
With a next steelband of course
Seems like loyalty has gone out the door,
Man doesn't stand
For what they believe in anymore
But they could haul dey tail
I right here till I die,
When we win - ah laugh
When we loss - ah cry!


Verse 3

Don't get me wrong,
I not saying your band not good
But it don't have any that could
Make me move,
Like the one from in meh ‘hood
So, if you like yours power to you
But don't be surprised and feel blue
Come final night,
When we win the ting for true
So apologies in advance meh friend
For breaking your heart
When it comes down to the very end
Ah stating right here, right now,
Clearly to everyone,
This year my band taking the crown!


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“My Band!”
Emmanuel “Oba” Synette

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Emmanuel "Oba" Synette
Emmanuel “Oba” Synette

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Emmanuel “Oba” Synette:

With sweetness in his voice Emmanuel “Oba” Synette broke out in 1999 with monster Pan anthem “In My House.” This piece gave the incomparable Desperadoes Steel Orchestra their 9th panorama title immediately followed by a 10th, with “Picture on My Wall” (also sung by “Oba”) in 2000. More hits followed over the years, including 2005’s “Action” - another hit that created quite an impact in the Panorama of that year.

Quite unassuming, this entertainer could be missed - until you hear his distinct vocalisations and his trademark call, ‘Sweetness!’ The late Clive Bradley described “Oba” as ‘a competent composer and musician who understands music for the Steelband.’ Truly a Pan lover and cultural warrior -  “Oba” is always open to new ideas and opportunities.

Amrit Samaroo
Amrit Samaroo

Amrit Samaroo:

Samaroo is a multi-talented award-winning steel orchestra panorama music arranger, songwriter, performing artist, producer and educator. In the preceding years Amrit has penned some of the most memorable steelband music pieces in recent times.

He is also the son of Dr. Jit Samaroo, the former master arranger of the renowned Renegades Steel Orchestra. 

For the 2013 Panorama season, Amrit comes together with noted veteran performing artist Emmanuel “Oba” Synette for My Band, the track featured here.

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