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‘Pan In We DNA’

sung by Adesh Samaroo
composed by Anthony “Lexo” Alexis

produced by Dave Ramoutar



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Verse 1

We waited for dis moment
and we ready ready
Pan in a ferment
We want it steady steady
We like it, we love it, we want it
On a steady diet
Pan-o-rama come
And we just can’t keep it quiet


’Cuz it’s DNA DNA
Pan in we DNA DNA
Pan in we DNA DNA
We cannot get away,
No no no, no no no no no, no no no no
So play Mr. Panist play play
play play play


(All in we veins) Pan jam we
(All in we style) Pan move we
(All in we heart) Pan call we,
calling we, it calling we
calling we, it calling we

Verse 2

We having a Pan party
Ah hear drums rollin’ rollin’
What a sweet moment
The tenors flyin’ flyin’,
we vibes it, embrace it, we need it
Never want it to stop
Pan-no-rama here
And the magic is everywhere



Verse 3

We happy and we know it
Panmen just give, it give it
Notes in smooth movement
We got to have it, have it
We crave it, we breathe it, we feel it
In de rhythm section
Pan-no-rama nite
We are part of the vibration



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“Pan In We DNA”
Adesh Samaroo

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Adesh Samaroo
Adesh Samaroo

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One of the top Chutney singers in Trinidad and Tobago, the very popular Adesh Samaroo has entered the 2013 Panorama ring with a hit song titled Pan in We DNA.

The track was released recently and already it is making waves, and key people in the Panorama industry are talking about Samaroo’s entry into the market.

He is still singing Chutney but according to Adesh “I always wanted to sing a Panorama song. In fact, I feel the time has come for me to embrace various aspects of our rich culture.”

The song was written and composed by Anthony ‘Lexo’ Alexis who has two Panorama victories under his belt, having worked with the Mozart of Pan, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe for six consecutive years.

Pan in We DNA was produced by Dave Ramoutar out of his One and One Studio in St. Augustine, Trinidad.  Ramoutar at one time was the chief musical director of the soca band Traffik.


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