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‘Pan Wars’

sung by Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga
composed by Garfield Felix & Clive Telemaque



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Verse 1

Panist preparing for battle
In savannah
Making ready all their ammo
For savannah
Tuners touching up day and night
Making sure every note sound right
Each band has its unique sound
For action on the battle ground
Tonal quality and power
Each band has to deliver
War in de savannah
For this year Panorama


War in de savannah
War for Panorama
Sweet music and melody
Like heavy artillery
When the troops dig in on de stage
Sweet music must be in a rage
Arrangers plan strategies
As they practice vigorously
(War in de savannah
War for Panorama) x 2

Verse 2

Marshalls drill their subordinates
In savannah
Letting up could cause them their fate
For savannah
The recruits are practicing hard
For their tour up in de Big Yard
You could feel all the energy
Coming from everybody
North and Grand stand up on their feet
Jumping, shouting “De music sweet!”
Supporters raising their hand
Saying “Wetting for every band.”



De drums of war beating, beating
De sounds of war blaring, blaring
De fires of war blazing, blazing
De flags of war waving, waving

Verse 3

Rhythm and tempo must flow
In savannah
All dynamics must be controlled
For savannah
Every stop - and every drum roll
Is a story that must be told
We want de whole world to know
The best show is in Trinbago
Soca, chutney and calypso
With the steel band and de limbo
Tamboo bamboo and de tassa
Does spice up Panorama.


(War in de savannah
War for Panorama) x 6

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“Pan Wars”
Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga
Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga

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Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga: Thirteen-year-old Renaldo lives with his parents and two sisters. He attends St. Mary’s College in Trinidad and is in Form 2. He has been singing since in Primary school where he first took part in their carnival calypso competition and got hooked on calypso. That first year he sang Bill Trotman’s song ‘Back To School.’

By the second year Renaldo decided that he wanted to perform his own music; so he wrote his own composition ‘Crime Spoiling We Country.’

His singing took off from there. Though he hasn’t written any other songs, he continues to excel in other areas. Renaldo plays football, and is active in other athletics, 100m and 200m events, is in the Scouts - and plays Pan in his school’s Music Band.

The youngster is now contributing to his culture, with his offering for the 2013 Panorama season - Pan Wars.


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