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sung by Joel Aaron
composed by Joel Aaron

arranged by Anderson Cupid



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Verse 1

Panorama night and the savannah on fire
What an awesome sight, sweet pan wizardry take over
Baddest sticks around
Come to tame the town
When they draw is pace in yuh wais’
Panman shootin’ up the place. Why

Chorus 1

To be the best they must hang tough
Them Panslingers, they does play rough
Yuh cyah be too nice or too sof’
Or else they go blow yuh head off
In the big yard
Hanging tough
In Tobago
Hanging tough
Hanging tough
And the toughest tough is who rule the whole show
Hanging tough
Hanging tough
Hanging tough
Panman hanging tough

Verse 2

Quick draw from the east, west, north, south, central and Tobago
Riding into town, itchy finger ready for showdown
Reigning champions
Come to rule again
Challengers must first their say
They’ll take no prisoners today, why


Hear one
Man doh bother waste yuh time
Tonight this victory is mine
Next one
Dog ah hope yuh write a will
Ah go blast yuh with mih double barrel
They hanging tough, tough, tough, tough, tough
Tough, tough, tough, tough
Tough, tough, tough, tough
Panman hanging tough, tough, tough, tough, tough
Tough, tough, tough, tough
Tough, tough, tough, tough

Verse 3

When the shootouts start,
bystanders they running for cover
All barrels ablaze, not even the law could take over
Victor standing tall
When yuh see smoke clear
Nursing wounds, the vanquished saying
We’ll be back again next year, why

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Joel Aaron

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Joel Aaron
Joel Aaron

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Writing lyrics and composing melodies have always been a part of Joel’s life. He collaborated with his brother Andy - a prolific panist and talented musician/arranger who arranged the music for this song.

Panslingers was inspired by the friendly rivalry of the steelbands and the way they approached the annual Panorama competition in Trinidad & Tobago with ‘braggadocious.” Joel has a love for composing songs of all types and hopes one day that he can accrue hits performed by major artists.

Panslingers is being showcased to the steelband music community and beyond.

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