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‘Panorama Jean’

sung by “Kenny J”
composed by Randolph “Par” Daniel



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Verse 1

Jean gyul - “How you does cope
With all that noise everyday
Ah sure you does vex
When dey start to play
Ah know is carnival time
But I find dem Pan boys, should know
Dat dey making too much ah noise”
“Sweet Pan you calling noise”
Jean tell the woman
“You ever hear any music sweeter than Pan
Since I play mas no more,
And these days I ‘fraid fete
Until Pan eh play
Carnival eh come as yet


My carnival start
the first day ah cross the stage
In the savannah, for Panorama
Where people jumping, and they gyrating
Ah doh care what nobody tell me
But doo doo ah like it
The steel band music you hear I love it
Cause it real terrific, and
Every time I hear Pan music play
I go dingolay
But through the years as ah means
As we gather on the scene
They does call me Panorama Jean
Yes dey call me Panorama Jean

Verse 2

“Oh please, well excuse me
But I didn't mean to offend
I was just looking out for you,
Because you is meh friend
So why you buff me up,
I cant understand
Why you get so vex
As I talk about the Steel pan”
Jean say, “look I'm sorry, just take it easy
But Pan talk does get me ‘gigiree’
I could take any chat, but I will tell you flat
Once you bad talk Pan
Well I take offence to that


Verse 3

My grand father had ah band,
One day my mother told me
Right in the backyard,
Under the mango tree
In dem days she say,
Pan men and calypsonians
Was called hooligans in this land
So you see how I love Pan
It's ah part of me
In fact they say
I was born from ah pan belly
So in this big savannah,
None is more popular
Everyone know
I am the Queen of Panorama

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“Panorama Jean”
“Kenny J”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Kenny J
Kenny J

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Kenwrick “Kenny J” Joseph was born at Prince of Wales Street in San Fernando, Trinidad.  He was the Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) Police Calypso Monarch in 1987, and is a four-time T&T National Calypso Monarch finalist.  His highest placing - 2nd - was in 1990 singing Addicted to Sweet Soca and Leave She Alone.

“Kenny J” is a composer of material highlighting serious issues, which has resulted in calypsoes like Slow Down (Aids is Ah Killer), Drug Abuse, Incest, Jail Ent Nice, and Radio Station.

A one-time tenor player with Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra and the T&T Police Steel Orchestra, this calypsonian recorded and performed many songs for the steel pan including Pan in The Wind, Sweet Hand and Doh Touch We Carnival.

Now a retired Police Officer, Kenwrick Joseph resides in the Sand City, Siparia, south Trinidad.  He is also one of the best ballad singers T&T has ever produced, and is known for smooth and sexy double entendre in the genre of Christmas Soca Parang with hits like The Paint Brush, Alexander, The Cork, Hush Yuh Mouth, How Long It Is and Stay Inside

For the 2013 Panorama season, “Kenny J” is back with Panorama Jean,  the track featured here.

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