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‘Protect de Pan’

sung by “Trinirollo”
composed by “Trinirollo”

arranged by Loughton “Sarge” Sargeant



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Verse 1

Foreign delegation, cultural exposition
Folk and culture - de subject was Pan
It come from Germany
Another say Japan
Ah had to take ah stand
Correct de situation.

Chorus 1

Pan Yard - all over T&T
So much dexterity
Moving in syncopation
So much jubilation
What ah sight to behold
Pan Music, make yuh loose control
When yuh thirsty for good rhythm
Find ah steelband
Reduce yuh stress and tension
Find ah Steelband
From classic to sweet soca
Pan must resonate forever
Let us take ah stand
Let us Protect de Pan

Verse 2

Making ah drum - skill so demanding
Tuning/blending - pulsating melody
Musical harmony, know yuh history
Pan was born in T&T.


Verse 3

Many Panists. throughout de nation
Pan jumbies
Morning, noon and night is Pan
Ring de bell, let de story be told
Steelpan music
Greatest sound in de world


Verse 4

Pan legacy, 21st century
Showcasing de Pan
For de world to see
Carnival and Steelband
They go hand in hand
August’ 92 - we nationalize de Pan


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“Protect De Pan”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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