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‘Quick Silver ’

sung by Lennox Picou
composed by Tony Barclay




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Like a sea of Quicksilver
Flowing thru Port a Spain
It’s Pan again “Pan again”
A sweet song in the air
Flowing from east to west
It is the very best tell the rest
Quick silver quick silver
Quick silver quick silver
Quick silver quick silver
Huh’ we groovin’
Pan flowing in streets
Flowing like lava flow
Volcano on the go yes on the go
Shining in every street
In every different form
Ah sound beyond all sound
Play along
Going up Frederick Street
Coming up Charlotte Street
Round the savannah
Flowing like quicksilver
It moving {oh lord}
Slipping and sliding
The temperature rising
Throughout every alleyway
every roadway
Oh ho ho oh ho ho
A liquid in its form
You know you can’t predict
Which way it sag or drip
(huh) sag or drip
A silver chrome colour
Like Pan in liquid form
Play along
Have people tripping
Dey just keep on chipping
On Monday and Tuesday
Till Ash Wednesday morning
(hey) not moving
Around every corner
Lightning and thunder
It just keep on tripping
(oh god) it grooving
Oh ho ho oh ho ho
Quick silver quick silver quicksilver
We grooving
Quick silver quick silver quick silver
We moving

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“Quick Silver”
Tony Barclay

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Lennox Picou
Lennox Picou

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A San Juan, Trinidad born native, Lennox started his career at a young age on the local television station in Trinidad. He moved on to popular local bands as lead vocalist, gaining national recognition.

Lennox has worked with many top local artists like the Mighty Sparrow, Mighty Duke, and others, lending his voice as back-up support on many recordings. He performed with reputable bands like Byron Lee & the Dragonaires.

Lennox teamed up with Leston Paul and the New York Connection as lead vocalist and together produced major hits such as “Doh Bother Meh,” “Get Up and Dance” and “Dancing.” His versatility as an entertainer encompasses many genres; Calypso, Soca, Soul, R&B etc. His musical career has earned him recognition at home in Trinidad, the United States, and England.

Lennox’s passion for music includes composing, and actively collaborating in the arrangement, and production of the songs he performs.

Lennox resides in Florida with his family.

Tony Barclay

Tony Barclay has been writing and composing Soca, Calypso, Reggae, R&B, etc. for more than two decades. He took a special interest in steel band music. He first gained recognition in 1989 with his Pan song titled ‘Pan For Beethoven’ and a party track ‘Hold On Tight,’ making the front page of the national newspaper. 

Barclay went on to write Pan songs such as ‘Pan Fifth Symphony,’ ‘Jazz On Pan,’ ‘Classical Pan Cruise’ and ‘The Hill Coming Down’ featured on Alvin Daniell’s compilation CD, and many more.

In 1991 he scored a hit single written by Dennis ‘The Merchant’ Williams - ‘One Super Power.’  Barclay has composed for artists like Marcia Maranda, Lennox Picou, and worked with Dr. Leston Paul and many reggae artists. He continues his work recording, composing and arranging.

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