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sung by “Keet Styla”
composed by Tellison Forde

arranged by Frankie McIntosh



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Verse 1

1974 panorama last lap set savannah on fire
(mama high temperature)
And the year before in '73 was mas in may
they play for we
The kind of scales Danny boy was running
Ah C sharp broke and send splinters flying
And the rest now is history
On that note they started a legacy........
40th anniversary


Splinters - Andy Philips running
Splinters - scales with Michele Huggins
Splinters - Wayne Wellington coasting
Splinters - with Reynold 'Pro' Huggins
Splinters - Secrets in a barrel
Splinters - Shouted Andy Narell
Splinters - No bull Brian Griffith
Splinters - hear Flag and Nedd jam it.........

Verse 2

Sweet melody had people jumping up
Had me jam up all on the paddock
Saw a man dancin like a robot
At a glance it was Arddin Herbert
The melody had him
he couldn't see me
C sharp had him spellbound completely
So I zeroed in on Yarby, augmented Zephryn and
Franklyn Olliviere
Playing serious harmony


Verse 3

Find myself sipping on a cold beer
With Etienne Charles, “Halfers” and Earl La Pierre
Pat, Mikey Philips and Dougie Peter Aleong, Tina's Barry
Now a few of our splinters you know have passed on
(long gone step beyond)
Bee, Bre, Ellie bank, Nicker Best and Gibbon
And now Franklyn Olliviere
splinters batting six for forty


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Keet Styla

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Keet Styla
“Keet Styla”

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Since 1984, “Keet Styla” formerly known as “Designer” has been working with renowned panists and pan composers/arrangers such as Ken “Professor” Philmore, Ray Holman, Robert Greenidge and Earl Brooks - as well as musicians including Ralph MacDonald, Monty Alexander, Frankie McIntosh, Leston Paul and Etienne Charles.

Some of the more popular songs resulting from these collaborations are: ‘Rati-ray,’ ‘Pan by Storm,’ ‘Jump with Me,’ and ‘We Just Can’t Go on like this,’ to name only a few. Currently Keet Styla is the leader/vocalist of The Therapy Band in New York City.

For 2013, one of the tracks he has contributed his vocals to is Splinters, featured here.

Tellison Forde
Tellison Forde

Tellison ‘Tello’ Forde is the son of an “Invader” - Cecil “Coye” Forde - and Beryl Isaac.  He was born at 67 Rosalino Street in Woodbrook, Trinidad, adjacent to the pan yard of Invaders Steel Orchestra.

That “Tello” was the son of an Invader was proven when Invaders performed at his christening.  Father Cecil took the Steeldrum throughout Russia, and was one of the first to introduce Pan in Spain and Morocco in North Africa.  Young Tellison followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a member of Invaders Steel Orchestra, and also played tenor pan in New York’s Moods Pan Groove, Pan Rebels and Bramblers USA.

“Tello” enlisted in the US Navy from November 1972 to December 1984, during which time he had the good fortune to serve under the late Commander W.W. Pippenger aboard the USS Brumby DE 1044 which arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad in November 1975.

Tellison returned to dedicated service with Sealift Command Department of the Navy for 13 years, always keeping his tenor pan at hand.


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