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‘Ah Beautiful Invention’

sung by Clayton Hazel
composed by Mervyn Padmore & Terry Figuera
lyrics by David Goddard



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Verse 1

Sweet Pan, ah musical expression
Ah brand new art, to the world was given
Ah oil drum,
Now in the hearts of every man,
Yes we talking pan
Pan, yes sweet sweet pan
Even the ones, who jump sway or listen,
Enchanted, by the magic of steelpan,
European or Asian, yes we talking pan


When ah hear this melody for the carnival
Sounding sweeter jamming in ah steelband
Thanking all them pioneers
For their devotion
Feel so proud to be ah Trinbagonian
Orchestration, ah love the jammmm-am
I can’t help mehself I just wah hear pan.

Verse 2

Sweet Pan, ah beautiful invention,
To all those,
Who struggled for recognition,
And acceptance, facing social ostracism,
To those Trinbagonians
Who has brought the pan
To its present position,
We salute you, for taking that stand,
For the magic of steelband,
Yes we talking pan



Verse 3

Can, you understand,
Why people flock,
To the birthplace of the steeldrums,
Captivated, to the sensuous rhythms,
Of the steelbands,
Africans, and Indians, diverse races
Brought here to this land
Contributed, to the birth of the steeldrums
Worthy recognition, yes we talking pan

Chorus  (x2)

(I can’t help mehself
I just wah hear pan) x2

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“Ah Beautiful Invention”
Clayton Hazel

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Clayton Hazel
Clayton Hazel

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With Panorama 2014 bringing out the best of the best, even seasoned musicians have to come with it. That is just what Clayton Hazel has done.

This versatile musician, world traveler, songwriter and producer has written and produced music for some of the best pan players in the business. Born and raised in the island sun, Clayton brings the heat. What he delivers in this new song, Ah Beautiful Invention, is nothing less than that- an invitation to rise above mediocrity to a whole new level.



From left to right:  David Goddard, Mervyn Padmore and Terry Kinsale Figuera

David Goddard, Mervyn Padmore and Terry Kinsale Figuera are all former members of Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra (now Skiffle Steel Orchestra). Together they traveled the world playing Trinidad & Tobago’s national instrument. They are now combining their talents to produce beautiful music, such as the song featured here, Ah Beautiful Invention. The music is by Padmore and Figuera, with lyrics by Goddard.

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