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sung by Machel Montano
composed by Full Blown Entertainment, Machel Montano & Kurtis Wells



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Verse 1

Feting on meh mind
Ah waiting whole year
Ah want everybody to know
We out here
Ah feeling the vibes
Our time is near
And we taking over the show
We don’t care

Pre Chorus

All hands in the sky
When my team coming down
And we getting on
Yes we taking over the town
Like all behaviour say goodbye
Like it just leave and gone
And is mad vibes
Straight ’til tomorrow morning so


Who want to drink rum is no scene
Who not drinkin’ none is no scene
Everybody could come in
And jump with the biggest team
Who want to pelt waist is no scene
We mash up the place is no scene
Nobody not bad like we
’Cause we is the baddest team


We come out to play and we loose
Everything we doing
Whatever yuh doing
When yuh hear the music
(Team up!)
Ah jumping up me and meh crew
Watch how we does do it
We come out to do it
So get in yuh unit
(Team up!)

Verse 2

Adrenaline rush, no stopping this lime
Yuh could do whatever yuh want
Not this time
We don’t need too much,
Two days will be fine
All the stress and the problems
Leave them behind

Pre Chorus





Team up! Team up! Team up!
Ah tell yuh to get in yuh team!
Team up! Team up!
Get in yuh team! Get in yuh team!
Ah say to get in it, is time for epicness
All hands in the sky now
Team up let we celebrate life now
Team up everybody get wild now
Team up E.P.I.C. my team not ordinary
Just call we legendary
Now and forever ready
For the fete, for the jam
And we teaming up in the session so




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Machel Montano

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Machel Montano
Machel Montano

  Visit When Steel Talks

Machel Montano has released several already popular songs in anticipation of the 2014 Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago, and international year-round carnival-related festivities and events.

This track - E.P.I.C. - is not only a download and fete favorite, but has also been selected as the ‘Tune of Choice’ for the annual national steelband Panorama by The Codrington Pan Family.  It will be arranged by Cary and Keisha Codrington for the competition.



Full Blown Entertainment
Full Blown Entertainment

Full Blown Entertainment is a dynamic song-writing and production duo which consists of two brothers; Kevon Hart, 31 and Kory Hart, 27. They have been hard at work since 2008 in an effort to infuse fresh, new life into Soca music through their song-writing ability.

Grandsons of Pan enthusiast and cultural icon Eddie Hart, they have always been around music and culture.  With hits like Machel Montano’s “Mr. Fete,” Vibes Cyah Done and E.P.I.C. (featured here) already to their credit, the Trinbagonian public and wider market can expect a lot more from this team in years to come.

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