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‘In De Minor’

sung by “The Original DeFosto Himself”
composed by Winston Scarborough

pan performance by Duvone Stewart
arranged by Leston Paul



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Verse 1

They want to know if I could sing minor
What's wrong, with them.
They challenge me so that is an honor
Well no, problem
They want to hear me in de minor key,
So I decide to write this melody,
Now I hope de panist would be ready,
To play, dis for me.


(In de minor, jam dem hard
In de minor, jam dem hard
It sweet, it sweet, it sweet) x2
Who tell de panist to ask of me
To give dem one in de minor key, well
In de minor, in de minor certainly, yea
Jam in de minor, jam it together
Come music maker, let’s take it higher
Come play, play dis for me
(In de minor, jam dem hard
In de minor, jam dem hard
It sweet, it sweet, it sweet) x2

Verse 2

When de minor gets into your soul
You sure, to dance
De music will make you lose control
And make, you prance
The melody commands your spirit more
With musical excitement in galore
Steelbands would be jamming
And parading,
Check de tune, dey playing.


Verse 3

Get into a minor state of mind
And raise, your game
Invoke dat music from de spirit line
And make, your name
Make de people say you are de best
Let de minor stand out from de rest
On this final night of panorama
Jam dem hard, in de minor.



(Jam dem music maker
Jam dem in de minor
(It sweet, it sweet, it sweet)
Jam dem Mr. Panist,
Jam dem on dey business
(It sweet, it sweet, it sweet)) x3

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“In De Minor”
“The Original DeFosto Himself”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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The Original DeFosto Himself
The Original DeFosto Himself

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Winston Scarborough is considered by many to be one of the all-time great composers of steelband ‘panorama tunes.’

A performer artist himself, 2014 will mark the 36th year that Trinidad & Tobago’s Winston Scarborough (The Original DeFosto Himself - as he loves to be called) has been singing calypsos.  For him it was an uphill struggle to be recognized by the fraternity and public at large.

Abandoned by both his parents at the young age of 6 months, Scarborough was sent to the Tacarigua Orphanage in east Trinidad where he remained until age 17.  The experience in the orphanage would place an indelible stamp on him.

One of the most important aspects of DeFosto’s work as a calypso- nian is the tributes he has paid in song to many of Trinidad & Tobago’s cultural icons; the late Lord Kitchener (calypsonian Aldwyn Roberts) would be one such with whom people are most familiar. 

The last several years continued to be fruitful for The Original DeFosto Himself, with the release of such hits as “Smooth Sailing;” “A Raging Storm;” “In She Rainorama” and  “Boogsie Sharpe.”

For 2014 the man of music is on the ball again with two tracks -  In De Minor—the track featured here—and Pan In The Atmosphere.

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