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‘Jam De Pan’

sung by Whitney “Whitz” Julien
composed by Miguel “Mario” Camps



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My people…..‘rama’ time is here again
Allyuh running from d ‘pan-jumbie’……
The pan sweeettt!
E woe-ohh woe-ohh woe-ohhhh
Jam de pan! jam de pan!
Ayeeeeee……………………..on d (laugh…..)

Verse 1

This year in the park
When you see me getting on bad
Ah jammin’ on a pan, look at me
Hear me play a sweet melody,
Meh ear buds ringing…the music swinging,
Texture harmony woven in this song,
We go play along
Doh bother to call me,
No sms on my phone
Cause the vibes is so sweet panorama time
We going to see queens
Party on the drag tonight,
Make me feel so right!
(ah tell you to)


Jam de pan,
De vibes in the air….for the rama time…
Bounce your waist and wine.
Jam de pan,
People everywhere
When we break-a-way!   Hey!
Panic on the stage
In a musical array
When we jam jam them
Judges on the go!
We winning tonight (so)

Verse 2

This band from the ‘hole’
Say we into semi-finals
We jammin’ on a pan
Playing in the frontline for the festival
D captain knoc-king on de pan
But de basses rumbling
Or-ches-tra-tion coming from de mid-range
Time to hear de change
Tune going down real nice
Steelband music is my vice
People don’t comprehend
What ah going through
Rehearsal till day-break
Perfection means no mistakes tomorrow
On de stage!



Say we jammin’ jammin’ on the greens tonight
Sweet musical lovin’ song bird in flight,
De pan here to stay
So play, Mister panist, play
Supremacy all de way yeah!

Verse 3

Up in the north, serious competition
They jammin’ in a band
Weaponry is rhythm, tone and melody
In twenty fourteen, de music pristine
Decoration choreography
Propel bands to victory
Be there 7:40 final night you will see me
In meh band, jammin’ up
With a pan in front
It’s just in meh D.N.A
Can’t stay away from steel pan
Show-time is jam jam jam


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“Jam De Pan”
Whitney “Whitz” Julien

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Whitney “Whitz” Julien
Whitney “Whitz” Julien

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Born on July 27, 1990, this 23-year-old young lady’s passion for singing started in her early teenage years. From the small province of Princes Town, south Trinidad, “Whitz” is a very humble but hard-working and outgoing young woman and a role model to many. She entered a few competitions at her schools, but always liked and preferred performing for charity events, functions, weddings, concerts etc.

In 2009, Whitney became a member of Darren Sheppard’s Fusion Steel, which at that time was Kaizen Fuzun Steel. With this very highly talented group of young musicians, Whitney gained her performing experience while being one of its vocalists for the past four years. She performed with Fusion Steel at many events including Dimanche Gras 2012 and 2013, and the 2013 Tobago Jazz Fest, just to name a few.

A very musically-inclined and talented young woman who loves music with a passion, Whitney’s currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of the West Indies and is also the Music Teaching Assistant at the Princes Town West Secondary School. Jam De Pan is her first-ever recording and she looks forward to more in the near future.

Miguel Camps

Panist/composer/producer/ Miguel “Mario” Camps - a BA in Music graduate of UWI (University of the West Indies) began his musical journey at the tender age of 9 when he started playing the steelpan with Free French Orchestra from San Fernando, Trinidad. Some years later he hooked up with the eclectic band San City Steel where he broadened his musical scope.

Over the years Mario performed in several panorama competitions and other esteemed shows, two of which were the 2013 National Calypso Queen Competition - going on to win the title with Joanne Foster, and the 2013 Champs of Steel show.

Jam De Pan is Miguel’s first composition for the steelpan which he also produced, mixed and scored.

Since the steel pan is Mr. Camps’ first love he looks forward to writing many more “pan tunes” and expects great success in 2014 for many bands with this rendition.

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