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sung by “De Panman”
composed by Barnett “Preacher” Henry



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Verse 1

Coming from a fete just the other night
Me head feeling nice,
Yes ah tight tight tight
Passing by ah wall, ah hear a loud sound
Couldn’t move along, it had me spellbound
So ah stand up listening
Couldn’t go no further
Ah say like de weather change up on me
From me head to toe right away ah start to shiver
Me blood was running cold through me body


De rumble ah hearing
Had de whole place shaking
Ah say without warning
Like a TORNADO coming
Ah looking for shelter
But there was no cover
So ah climb up the wall
Couldn’t see nothing at all
Ah getting a scare
But ah hearing this in meh ear!


Baba Laba Debe Debe   X2
Debe daba Debe daba   X2
Debe laba Debe laba  X2
Debe laba  debe laba  LIB

Ruum pim,  ruum pim,  ruum pim,  Rum pi rim  ruum pim  ruum pim  ruum

Buh ruum,  buh ruum,  buh ruum,  buh ruum,  buh ruum,  buh ruum, buh ruum

Boom boom boom Bo dim, Bo dum, Bo dum
Bim bim Bim Bo dum  Bi dim  Bo dum
Boom boom boom Bo dim, Bo dum, Bo dum

Verse 2

De place get so dark, nothing I can’t see
Fright take over me, ah going crazy
Ah say like spirit, they following me
Don’t know what to do,
What next go happen
Meh mind keep on telling me it is an illusion
So  ah started to meditate,
If ah don’t do that
Will be too much confusion
Up to now I cannot escape!

Chorus 2

Ah feeling de tension
But can’t make no motion
Talk about frustration
Me heart in meh damn hand
Lord ah start to tremble
Ah say this is trouble
What’s there behind de wall
Making meh body crawl
Ah still want to know
What is it sounding so (if it’s a Tornado)


Verse 3

Ah say like daylight, it goh meet meh here
So now ah prepare, not going nowhere
But then suddenly ah feeling so nice
Out in the dark night, everything alright
Finally ah tell mehself
It’s time to get closer
I  must face meh fear, face to face
While approaching,
Ah hear a major to minor
De music ah start to embrace!

Chorus 3

De sound ah was hearing
Was a tenor playing
Then the middle section
Followed by de bass pan
Ah sweet variation
Couldn’t stand at attention
So ah climb up the wall
’Cause meh skin start to crawl
When ah look over it was a steel orchestra


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“De Panman”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Calypsonian Carl 'De Panman' Richards
Carl “De Panman” Richards

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Carl Richards a.k.a. “De Panman” is an ace double second pan player based in Antigua. He is a member of Gemonites Steel Orchestra and has travelled to Trinidad for many Panorama competitions to play with Phase II Pan Groove. 

In 2000 he launched his calypso career and was an instant hit, making the finals in Antigua & Barbuda.  He has made a name for himself by performing several pan songs year after year, which proved to be the first choice of the top Antigua steel orchestras.

“De Panman’s” high point came in 2008 when he won the National Calypso Monarch Competition in Antigua & Barbuda.  He also has the distinction of having his song Sylvie Breakaway which was composed by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and Alvin Daniell played by Harmonites in the national Trinidad & Tobago Panorama.

In 2011, “De Panman” sang Pan Is Meh Drug  composed by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and Alvin Daniell.  He is back for the 2014 Panorama season with Tornado, the track featured here, composed by  Barnett “Preacher” Henry.

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