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‘De Puna Band’

sung by “Farmer Nappy”
composed by Pelham Goddard & Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

arranged & produced by Pelham Goddard



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“De Puna Band”
“Farmer Nappy”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I am a socaman with a pan
In this great panorama land
And ah come to put something in place
Pan is we cultural heritage
Ah want to keep it on the front page
Man ah tired fighting for mih lil space
Why dey trying to divide we
Pan belong inside de party
When last you pan inside a fete
(take a bet, one bet)
From power to groovy
Steelband used to move we
I know mih pan History
So this year tell dem
Is we year warn dem
To beware - oh yeah
Dus’ go rise up in de air


When dis Puna Band
Hit the road in Port-of-Spain
Dey’ll understand
How the pores raise up again
Pan in dey waist
Sweet music to make dem wine
Tenor to bass
Making magic up dey spine
Dance up - sweet pan in de ‘rama
Prance up - Honey in de hammer
Jump up - dey done know who we are
Hands up - is XO from Puna
Shake up - de whole pan arena
Wake up - judges and spectator
Wine up - man coning wid cooler
Line up - to jam wid a winner
2015 tell all contenders
Soca man come down wid some jammers
Is groovy and power wid pan we focus
Nothing more to discuss
My Team Exodus

Verse 2

Long time panman had de radio lock
Now we only on When Steel Talk
Yuh can’t hear pan songs on radio
Is only Swanky Pops on Sunday
He used to give we pan songs a play
Now he pass on airplay drop down low
Band winning de panorama
People never hear they number
Can’t appreciate what you doh know
(mama yo hello )
Tell de printed media write it in dey paper
Panman getting horrors
So this year - tell dem
Is we year - warm dem
To beware - oh yeah
Dus’ go rise up in de air


Verse 3

Go take a look inside any band
Only young people in command
Future of the instrument secure
So dat it must be a social crime
When dey invest a lotta time
And dem radio station play pan no more
What a vicious contradiction
For media to block the young ones
Treating pan just like a dinosaur
(dat is poor - no more)
Time to fix de schism
Free up de pan rhythms
So this year - tell dem
Is we year  -warn dem
To beware - oh yeah
Dus’ go raise up in de air


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Pelham Goddard

Veteran songwriter, recording artist, composer and performer Pelham Goddard has long been associated with the steelpan instrument. He is a championship arranger in his own right and resident arranger with Exodus Steel Orchestra. Pelham Goddard has penned and/or arranged some of the most memorable Caribbean music pieces ever.


Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

Gregory “GB” Ballantyne began composing professionally in 1986, when he collaborated with Len “Boogsie” Sharpe to pen Pan Rising and Dis Feeling Nice sung by Denise Plummer. In the ensuing years he would co-write winning Panorama selections for Desperadoes, and again for Phase II.

In Trinidad, GB’s compositions have won the National Calypso Monarch (Senior and Junior) Young King, International Humour, National Queen, Unattached Monarch, South Calypso King and East Zone Monarch.  His works have placed artistes like Rikki Jai, Devon Seale, The Mystic Prowler, Aaron Duncan, to name a few, into winner’s row.

GB’s credits also include National and Regional Calypso Monarch titles in Antigua and Anguilla, as well as Chutney hits such as ‘Tassa-Man’ sung by Rooplal Gidharie and the perennial favourite ‘Ribbons’ sung by Marilyn Williams.


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