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sung by Olatunji
music by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
lyrics by Nigel Rojas



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Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)



Verse 1

I wake up and ah drink a beer,
It’s Carnival in the air
’Cuz it’s fete day and night,
At this time of year,

I done save up meh money,
And I take leave early,
I can’t wait to fete,
To feel the bacchanal and the ecstasy,


So let we jump
And break away,
Come let we jump for joy and celebrate!
Lets dash away all the stress,
And bask in the happiness,
Let your spirit free,
This is the season to be happy!!

Verse 2

Every big truck playing the hits,
Every woman shake their hips,
Children eating sno-cone,
And licking their lips,
This is Trinbago spirit,
And we living in it,
Such a joy to see,
We living in unity in T and T!

Verse 3
I wake up and I drink a rum,
And walk out in the hot sun,
Cause it’s worst behavior,
Till the season done!
It’s the time for ecstasy,
And serendipity,
So if I lie down on the pavement,
Don’t disturb me because I’m free!


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Olatunji Yearwood was born 3rd September 1985 in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago to parents Edward Yearwood, a well-known composer and mother Mairoon Ali, local actress, radio personality and teacher. It was evident that Olatunji or “Ola” as he is widely known came into this world with raw talent flowing through his veins.

Olatunji Yearwood

Olatunji attended Trinity College where he joined the parang group and entered the annual calypso competition held there. In 2002 at the age of 16, he entered the Junior Calypso competition arena where he place 2nd in the NYAC Emancipation Competition and 2nd in the Sunshine Snacks Junior Calypso Competition. In 2003 “Ola” achieved recognition in every competition he entered, placing 1st in the Sunshine Snack Junior Calypso Monarch and 3rd in ‘Scouting for Talent’ receiving special awards for the “Most Outstanding Calypsonian” and “Most Promising Act”. He was also awarded the “Top Stars” trophy by the NYAC.

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In 2004, Olatunji decided on a future in performing arts and applied to schools in the UK after completing one year of Advanced Level at Trinity College. That year he took up the role as MC at Junior Calypso Monarch and Junior Soca Monarch. As his reputation as a performer grew, William Munroe offered him a position in his tent “Kaiso Stars” and he was invited to perform in the “3 Canal Carnival Show” as well as “Jab In The Box.”

Several years later, “Ola” is now living his dream as a  successful, world-traveled performer. Olatunji’s motto and ambition is “to touch humanity through verse and song...”


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