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‘Pan Wall To Wall’

sung by “Crazy”
composed by Winsford Devine & Edwin Ayoung

pan performance by Earl Brooks
arranged by Lenny Hadaway



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Verse 1

In a party - for carnival
With meh posse - was bacchanal
People come out - for enjoyment
To the national instrument
It was Invaders
And a band from south
That they call Hatters
Man you talk about

Chorus 1

Pan - Pan - Pan - Pan
In A minor - in harmony
In C minor - in ecstasy
Ah say: Pan - Pan - Pan - Pan
From six o’clock - until cock crow
In all my life - I never hear sweet pan so

Verse 2

Pan Trinbago - was honoring
A pan maestro of long-standing
And the tempo- was exciting
With calypso –for partying
All the pan ladies
Was on display
As de pan Jumbies
Start to ramajay

Chorus 2

Pan - Pan - Pan - Pan
In A minor - in harmony
In C major - in ecstasy
Pan - Pan - Pan - Pan
From six o’clock - until cock crow
In all my life - I never hear sweet pan so

Verse 3

Ken “Professor” and Jit Samaroo
Len “Boogsie” Sharpe – and de Phase II crew
Who was waging - musical war
And who dancing - was on the floor
As we dingolay
Inside the hall
The way they play
We start to bawl

Repeat Chorus 1

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“Pan Wall To Wall ”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung
Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung

Edwin Ayoung or “Crazy” - born Edwin Ayoung in  1944, on Maraval Road in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad of a Vene-zuelan mother and Trinidadian father of Chinese descent, was - in his youth - as skilled and competitive in his country’s national pastime of cricket, as he has been now for years as a world-travelled musician, performing artist and composer.

Though dubbed The “Loveable Lunatic of Soca,” Ayoung has time and again not been given his due in his native land, yet remains one of the most commercially successful artists on the international soca scene. An experimentalist, he pioneered the unique musical genre known as Parang Soca and played a leading role in promoting Chutney Soca. Crazy would go on to sing several monster smashes in parang soca, including Muchacha and Homemade Wine.

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A brilliant double-entendre artiste at its best - Edwin Ayoung has delighted in pushing the envelope in his humorous and witty manner.  With songs like Paul, Nani Wine and Suck Meh Soucouyant to name but three, this illustrious performer remains a staple in the music world.

He’s been ranked in the top three for Trinidad & Tobago’s annual national calypso monarch competition - his best showing being at position two with Dustbin Cover.  He captured the prestigious Road March title (the ‘tune for the road’ during Carnival Monday and Tuesday) in 1985 with Suck Meh, Soucouyant.

In addition to the track featured here—Pan Wall To Wall—Ayoung has already vocalized others for the season including Suzy Q and Respect Yuh Elder.


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