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sung by Jodel Francis
music by Dennis Smith
lyrics by Carla Saunders and Turon Nicolas

produced by Dennis Smith

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Jodel Francis
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Back in de ole days people tell me
When yuh playing Pan, yuh's a bully
All pan men was hooligan
Some ah dem was real bad john
In d streets, savannah, J’Ouvert morning.
But they didn't know what was coming
Now they shock to see pan progressing
East, West, North and South
Bands in full amount
Listen! Sweet melodies ring out


Congrats to you pan men
Congrats I say
Is people just like you to lead us today
With great strength and courage
You have all the knowledge
To put de steelpan on top
In a special way

Verse 2

Now Pan reach de stage it evolving
This little oil drum people playing
De steel pan across de world
Paving ways for boy or girl
And to think it come from lil Trinbago
As ah youth I'm proud of my culture
I stand firm and say I'm the future
With Pan in one hand, pan men on the other
I know we can work together


Verse 3

My uncle play Pan in ramajay
When he hit de stage people dingolay
Captivated by de beat
Cannot help but move your feet
Young and old, boy or girl, tell de whole world
Dat this pan movement keeps on growing
Even in de schools - Pan dey teaching
Budding arrangers, upcoming players
You see, this is for all ah we


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