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‘Doh Jam Me’

sung by “Skippy”
composed by Winston Maingot

arranged by Ossie Gurley

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“Doh Jam Me”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Just leave me be, she say, is mas I come, to play,
And I doh want, interference, from you.
My focus is, on mas, so gimme room, to pass.
Leh -me play meh mas when the music start
Carnival day I must be free.
Mister please doh jam up on me.
You come from outta the blue,
And trying to blow meh mind.
You jamin’ on meh behind.
She say:


Doh jam up on me, ah tell you doh jam up on me.
You stick on to me like glue - boy whey wrong wid you.
Doh jam up on me, ah tell you doh jam up on me.
If meh costume break, boy I going to sue you.
Leggo meh hand -- doh jam me
You eh meh man -- doh jam me
Mister go away -- doh jam me
And leh me play -- doh- jam- me.
Move -- doh jam me.
Ah cyah get the groove -- doh jam me.
You cramping meh style -- doh jam me
Leh me get on wild -- doh jam me

So much women in, the city, you, come to harass me.
Doh jam—doh jam, doh jam up on me.

Verse 2

Well boy, dat was ah scene.
She start to stomp and scream.
She grab ah stick, and she hit him, ah blow.
She finger up, he nose, she try to tear, he clothes.
But he hold on and he won’t leh she go.
She try to plead but in vain.
She say, man, you really insane.
She complain to the band-leader
That too was all in vain.
He come back jamin’ again.
And she say:


Verse 3

Frustration start, to boil
She getting real annoyed
Because the band, was approaching, the stand
Boy look meh husband dey
Please leh me go, she say
He’s ah jealous man, he go break yuh hand.
But he hold she tighter instead
He say “I doh care if ah dead”
“Girl just to touch, yuh body”
Feel so heavenly.
You just jam back on me.
She say:


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