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‘Me And Meh Lady’ (2016 version)

sung by “Carwash”
composed by Dunstan Lawrence

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“Me And Meh Lady (2016 version)”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Everybody partying in the street
Let’s dance to my soca beat
This party done start to go wild
They just love my rhythm and style
Having fun
People really getting on
Ah watching this gyal how she wining
She looking so tantalizing
How she rolling she belly
This type of behavior got me
Man ah feel so free
I just start to close in on she
Now she squeezing me
And we take over the party


Ah say to jump jump we wailing
Lord we grooving
Me and meh lady jumping up
(3 times)

Verse 2

This party should never come to an end
To every man is ten women
This country so sweet so sweet
People burning in the heat
All these beautiful women
I got to have them
Is now ah flashing
Like is pictures ah taking
For once in my life
I feel I could really pay the price
Man I never felt like this
Is like being the greatest
And if they punish me
I am dying with my lady


Verse 3

This thing is really going too far
Like I trying to drink out the bar
Can’t even stand on my feet
Grabbing every woman that I meet
Only love in my mind
And ah having a good time
Caressing my lady
I know she’ll never leave me
Tighter and tighter
Ah holding she all over
And after the party
I’ll be making love to she
And if they punish me
I am dying with my lady


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