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‘Pan In “D” Air’

sung by “Connector”
composed by Joel Davis aka “Connector”

arranged and produced by Mark Mosca

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“Pan In “D” Air”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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(Pan in “D” Air, Pan in “D” Air)  Repeat

Verse 1

I hearing a thunder like Panorama
I hearing ring ting ting, bring down the ping licky ting ting
I hearing ring licky ting ting, I hearing ring licky ting ting
Is the same thing “Kitchy” was hearing
I hear a bass, I hear a tenor
From a far, I hear a guitar
I say Pan in “d” air, Pan in “d” air what ah atmosphere
Is steel band music like it's war declare


Doh rae me fa so - come play with we
It's steelband music mashing up T and T
What musical harmony, can play in any key
Jamming a sweet melody
It does make you jump if you want to jump
Make you romp if you want to romp
Masqueraders parading the town
For carnival, every band
Well everybody jumping to Pan - good Lord
I tell yuh Pan, go take back the land


Pan in “d” air - tell them, Pan in “d” air - massive
Pan in “d” air - tell them, Pan in “d” air
Jump if you want to jump
Romp if you want to romp
It's steel band music, like it's war declare.

Verse 2

Well every foreigner, must always remember
Bands like All Stars, Renegades and even Despers
When you see dey leaving, is a Pan they carrying
Man dey sleeping, it's Pan dey dreaming
When you see dey lie down, and soon dey hear an oil drum
Man de sound, dey bound to go down
Every Trinidadian should love the Pan man
God bless we nation
Respect - to all the Pan musicians




Steelband music, man - like it's war declare
In de savannah, man you hear it so clear
Steelband music playing, hear the steel band jam
Come on let we take this Pan and play
And play and play and play and play


Verse 3

When carnival over you, meet dem band leaders
They discussing, what took place in Panorama
And if you treat them unfair, they coming harder next year
To show the public, they have to clear the air
When you go round the world
They jamming reggae and soul
Man to show Pan still in control
Everywhere that they beat, they put you in a heat
Make you move your feet
Man Pan is the music to rule the streets




(It's a tenor pan - tell them - a bass pan
A guitar pan - tell them - a cello pan
A second pan - tell them - it's Pan Pan massive
Pan, Pan oh God Sweet Pan)  REPEAT
Pan, Pan oh God Sweet Pan, Pan, Pan oh God Sweet Pan

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