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‘Carnival Sweet’

sung by Einstein Brown
music by Bryan Glasgow
lyrics by Stephen Scott

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“Carnival Sweet”
Einstein Brown
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Well it’s time for Panorama,
And we know who’s the winner
Sweet pan jammin’ until Monday dawn
Now is the J’ouvert jam - big preparation
See we chipping, chipping down the road
Plenty noise and bacchanal,
See Jab-Jab and greasy-man
They not leavin’ ‘til,
You give them money or rum
So, when the sun, get hot, run home
Ready, for the festival


Carnival, Carnival sweet
Feel the jam - the sweet soca beat
We will be jammin’ real hard,
And on the road
With the tempo from the engine room.

Verse 2

Midnight-Robbers, Red-Indians,
Fancy Sailors in the band
See how they rulin’ the road today
Flatbeds on the road,
With DJs and live bands
The rhythm, rhythm never stops
Masqueraders take over,
Pretty mas in full glamour
Making way for the Kings and Queens
So when, the sun, get hot, run home
Ready, for the festival

Chorus x 2


Chorus x 2

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