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‘Girls From The Hill’

sung by Keith “Keet Styla” Prescott
composed by Alston Jack

arranged by Frankie McIntosh

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“Girls From The Hill”
Keith “Keet Styla” Prescott
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

The girls from the hill, look so good they send me wild.
Everything they wear, have their body looking fine.
I don't know what food they eating
Or what kinda water they drinking
Whatever it is, it working.

Dem girls from the hill have plenty loyalty
Regardless the past, they still love their Laventille.
Working hard for they family
And taking good care of they body.
I am so impressed the way how they dress.
Oh yeah


Show it girls, show it the way you like.
Roll it girls, roll it around and around.
Move it girls, move it left to right.
So the whole o’ TnT could see what I see.
Class and beauty on display that have me this way
mesmerized, hypnotized, going wild.

Verse 2

On Carnival Day you will see them in the band
dancing to soca and having lots of fun.
The way how they move they body
it enough to send men crazy.
I love they style and they smile.

Respect to you all for the way you keep yourself.
You can teach the world about fitness and good health.
Like running through Ovid Alley
to Troumacaque down to Dan Kelly
Drink a cold mauby I know you'll agree.


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