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‘No Panorama’

sung by Salmon Cupid
composed by Salmon Cupid & Pat Mc Neilly (Pan Man Pat)

pan by Mark Mosca

produced by David Neil

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“No Panorama”
Salmon Cupid
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

See them in their fancy motor car
Air condition smoking big cigar
If we don't get we money
Let them wait and see
It go be Drama
It's no Panorama


No Panorama (x4)
Come Saturday
When the Bands should play
Check out the Savannah
There'll be no Panorama

Verse 2

This should be your lasting legacy
Pan in schools for every Trini
Forget 'bout d Recorder, that so out of order
Tell me Mr. "D"
What will the future be?


Verse 3

Panmen did not wait to miss a beat
Join up with the union on the Street
It's the culture of Trinidad
Why they treating it so bad?
Send back the motor car
Gih we we Kakadar



No Panorama - We want transparency
No Panorama - They trying to outsmart we
No Panorama - Fooling we with small money
No Panorama - No accountability


No Panorama (x4)
Is the culture of Trinbago
Everybody know
Let them drive their motor car
But gih we we Kakadar


No Panorama (x4)

No Panorama (x4)

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