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‘Oh God, Oh God’

sung by “Crazy”
composed by Edwin Ayoung & Winsford Devine

arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph & Lenny Hadaway

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“Oh God, Oh God”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Ah say this music have me
Like I in ah handcuff
And I so music savvy
I cannot get enough
While soca music jamming
And everybody horning
The party people ‘flamming’
From now till in the morning


I come to throw a tantrum
I come to throw a fit
I come to ride a rhythm
Get on a little bit
I come to cause a frenzy
To excite the public
I come to drive them crazy
And make people frantic
Oh God - Oh God ( x4 )
Oh God - Oh God - Hold me
Oh God - Oh God - Join me
Oh God - Oh God - Jam she
Oh God - Oh God – Party

Verse 2

They come out - to frustrate me
They want to thief meh head
They come to agitate me
And bind me till ah dead
But soca tempo have me
Joyful and Gi-gi-ree
So when I come to party
You have to let me be


Verse 3

Is longtime I eh party
Is longtime I eh fete
And jam up on meh lady
Until we soaking wet
I want to have a good time
And get on bad today
I want to buss a good lime
So doh get in meh way


Verse 4

Food prices have me bawling
I cannot pay meh bills
My salary keep falling
Is endless social ills
So if you find meh soca
Sound like if ah praying
I cannot take the pressure
That is why ah saying


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