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‘Pan In The Party’

sung by “QP The Quiet Prince”
composed by Lloyd Cupido

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“Pan In The Party”
“QP The Quiet Prince”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Many years ago, it was very hard
For women beat pan in Trinidad
But nothing has changed anywhere you go
Women beating pan all over Trinbago
The way they’re playing they have plenty energy
Especially when playing in a party
There taking this thing very seriously
And they start to represent our country


Play the pan baby
(I want to hear it)
Play the pan baby
(Please don’t refuse it)
Play the pan baby
(Play it in the party)
Play the pan baby
(Jump up like you crazy)

Verse 2

The Prime Minister he should be happy
To know that women playing pan in this country
And they’re taking part in competition
So we all should show our appreciation
Some of them playing the rhythm section
Also the cello and the tenor pan
When they play the music sounding so sweet
When you start to dance you must move your feet



Beat the pan, beat the pan (x4)

Verse 3

This Panorama in the savannah
Some people can’t wait
They just don’t want to be late
It’s an occasion for pan men and pan women
They must understand what it take to be a champion
It’s plain to see we’re proud of our culture
But we have to try and make it better
Anyone that says pan music dying
They really don’t know what the hell they’re saying


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