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‘Peter Pan’

performed by KI & The Band
composed by Kegan Kellar

pan by Johann Chukaree

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“Peter Pan”
KI & The Band
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

This is Peter Pan
Hear meh
Uncle Peter, he gone and dead
So they bring me his will boy
The music I must fulfill boy
What this man leave for me
I will really like to see
Some say is ah mas band woy,
Mix up with steel pan woy
And I so happy to see that he didn’t forget me
Ah come out to play mas with this pan in they hand

Chorus 1

And when ah say jump they jumping
When ah say wave they waving
When ah say wine gyal, yuh better do it in time gyal
Look this pan in meh hand, it have plenty nice woman
Ah come out to play mas, so gimeh room leh meh pass

Verse 2

The magnitude of this band
Like ah army ah musician
Colourful we in full bloom
Woman showing they costume
Up came this little young man
Yuh should see he condition
He want to play iron - no
But he wining on woman - no
Ah say listen young man ah have no time for confusion
Jump if yuh want, but keep order in this band

Chorus 2

And when ah say jump start to jump
An’ when ah say wave start to wave
Wine at attention young gyal
Wave with yuh right hand young gyal
Look this band in meh hand
Well it under my command
Ah come out to play mas, so gimeh room leh meh pass

Verse 3

If yuh see bass pan
Mix with real woman
Gyal in front they keep jumping
While the music keep pumping
We bounce up mas in the square
Hundreds of people everywhere
They want to hear music - KI
They want meh to sing it - KI
Ah was so happy to see how everybody fete with we
We playing we own mas with this pan in we hand

Repeat Chorus #1

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