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‘Tribute to Lynn Taitt’

sung by “Crazy”
composed by Mighty Jamma & Edwin Ayoung

produced by Barry “Mackadub” Stewart

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“Tribute to Lynn Taitt”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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This is a song for our unsung hero, guitarist Dr. Nearlin Taitt Better known as “Lynn” Taitt from Trinidad and Tobago
Rock with the Rhythm

Chorus 1

Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock steady - in the party
Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock with me - it’s Uncle Crazy
Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock steady - with music history
Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock with me - is our story

Verse 1

He was a creator, San Fernando-born
A true innovator, of the Reggae Strum
What a Gift x4
He put he name on top Reggae List
(What a strum) x4
This Strum became the Reggae idiom
This music creator, with a musical vibe
A music maker, reaching for the Sky
(For the Sky) x4
Oh yea he put the music on high
(Where he from) x4
He is a true-born Trinbagonian

Chorus 2

He is Nearlin Taitt, the man was great
Lynn Taitt - a heavy weight
(What a Strum) x4
Lynn Taitt - is he lay the foundation
(What a Jam) x4
Even Bob Marley say he’s the Man
He is Nearlin Taitt, a potentate
Lynn Taitt - we celebrate
For your contribution, as a musician
For your contribution, for your inspiration
(For the Reggae, Rock Steady) x2
For the Reggae, rock steady
(Reggae rock steady) x2
We done know already
(Reggae rock steady) x3
Created by a Trini

Music break


Chorus 1


Verse 2

It’s from the Rock Steady, the Reggae was born
Keep him in memory - even though he’s gone
Though he is gone
(He is gone) x4
He is gone - his music will still live on
(What a sound) x4
Come on, give thanks for what he has done
He went to Jamaica - 1962
With a dream of the future
And so it came true, look what he do
(What he do) x4
So true, in making his dream come true
(With his strum) x4
This strum, became the reggae idiom
He is Nearlin Taitt, a Potentate
Nearlin Taitt, a heavy weight


In the early 60s he went to Jamaica
Nearlin Taitt became a music messenger
And with some great great men from that era
The reggae strum start spreading all over
With men like Jonny Nash and Desmond Decker
Bunny Lea, Bob Marley and Sonia Pottinger
We have some locals just like Isasha
You could see your Reggae music take over


Nearlin Taitt, a heavy weight
Lynn Taitt - a Potentate
Nearlin Taitt - we celebrate