Vanessa Headley named 2020 Panorama arranger of La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra - Large band category

Vanessa Headley - Steelpan Arranger
Vanessa Headley

Vanessa Headley has been named the 2020 Panorama arranger for La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra - large band category. In addition, Vanessa will be the arranger for Trinidad Valley Harps, medium band category and Golden Hands, small band category.

Very few women have arranged for large steel orchestras in the Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama. In 1972 Merle Albino-de Coteau arranged for Chase Manhattan Savoy and Geraldine Connor arranged for Invaders Steel Orchestra 1983. Shenelle Abraham arranged for Skiffle in 2012, Mia Gormandy-Benjamin arranged for birdsong Steel Orchestra in 2017 and Jeannine Remy, for Hatters Steel Orchestra starting in 2005.

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