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Panatics Steel Orchestra

2024 Tune of choice:  -----  |  arranger:   Reynold “Pro” Huggins

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Panatics Steel Orchestra from Trinidad & Tobago is a small conventional steel orchestra located at The Water Wheel compound in Diego Martin, west Trinidad. The band was formed more than 20 years ago by Reynold 'Pro' Huggins, Bruce McCollin and Ronnie Huggins. Panatics is very active in the community and seeks to keep the youths of the country in touch with the national instrument, and creates a platform for players to explore their musical talents.

Panatics has entered Panorama trials under the direction of the Captain and Arranger, Reynold 'Pro' Huggins, and has been successful at qualifying for the Semi-Final stage in 2008. The band continues to grow and attract young members though many of the foundation members are still actively involved in its management throughout the year.

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