Meet Odie Franklin - Arranger for Despers USA Steel Orchestra - UpClose!

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, steelpanist and arranger Odie Franklin shares his views, passion and expectations for his maiden voyage into New York’s panorama musical arena. “Trini” is the 2011 tune of choice for Despers USA Steel Orchestra as the baton is again passed to a new generation.

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Global - He is extremely humble, shy, knowledgeable, confident, very respectful and cognizant of the moment and opportunity he has been afforded as the 2011 panorama arranger of one of the stalwart musical institutions in the USA - New York’s Despers USA Steel Orchestra. Yet this young, gifted 23 year-old musician is not the least bit perturbed or overwhelmed by the great responsibility that has been placed in his hands. Meet Odie Franklin, the 2011 arranger for Despers USA Steel Orchestra.

Odie Franklin at Despers' Pan Loft
Odie Franklin

Clearly Odie comes firmly out of the Despers tradition and custom - the organization before the individual. Even as this interview concluded Odie’s main expressed concern was that he had not forgotten to properly recognized and thank his bands-mates, and the elders of the Despers USA institution like Vern Rosemin, Clement Franklin, Wilfred Kieal and Edgar Gamory among others who have believed, supported, prepared and pushed him to meet the challenge of arranging for the likes of a Despers USA.

Watch an exclusive interview with Odie Franklin - UpClose!

Watch an exclusive interview with Odie Franklin

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