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How does one pay homage to a legend, mentor and friend?

From A Place of Love.

A project based on, and motivated and inspired by, nothing but love.

With the unexpected passing of Ken “Professor” Philmore on September 30, 2018, many worldwide were moved to pay tribute to the steelpan music icon.

Similarly, musician, panist and producer Sherwin Thwaites was inspired to honor the late performing artist and steelband arranger via Philmore’s signature hit - the world-renowned “Pan By Storm,” but with a unique twist that encompassed the musical sensibilities of Thwaites. He, along with a bunch of exceptional musicians connected through their love for “Professor,” all voluntarily participated in this special project.

From Thwaites’ own words in the following interview, learn about the concept of the production and how it came together, and go behind the scenes of this unique and captivating homage.


There has been a tremendously positive response globally to the music/film/documentary of the recording session and making of “Pan By Storm... The Storm Continues.”

See the full music production, below.

Pan By Storm... The Storm Continues

Sherwin Thwaites
Sherwin Thwaites



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