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In The Spotlight

New talent Kiskadee is hitting the R&B scene with her West Indian fusion.

The vocally strong singer/songwriter has just finished recording four of her new tracks with international Los Angeles producer Maestro John Barnes. During her recent visit to John Barnes’s Hollywood studios Kiskadee also collaborated with artists who have worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston … and the list goes on. In 2003, Andy Whitmore, co-producer of Atomic Kitten’s recent top ten hit, Ladies’ Night, produced two of Kiskadee’s songs.

When ‘Here Forever’ was first aired on London’s LBC Radio, the talent team was gob smacked. ‘Absolutely fantastic… Stunning, Stunning stuff..’ (Anthony Blackburn of Blackburn Sachs Agency), ‘Wow!’ LBC Presenter, Dr Pam. Kiskadee has this amazing Stevie Wonder vibe about!’ Andy Whitmore, UK Record Producer.

Born with little eyesight on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent; Kiskadee grew up in an area where she was part of only a tiny West Indian minority on the island. From early on, the family of five created ripples with their music. It was not unusual for Kiskadee herself to be featured in the local press even as a young child, grabbing headlines such as: “Young Singer Reveals Amazing Versatility.”

Kiskadee’s father, the late Michael ‘Natsy’ Contant from Trinidad was a steel pan manufacturer and her mother from Guyana is an accomplished violinist. The family formed the Rainbow Steel Band and the band played for several years throughout the UK, in France and Switzerland. During her teens Kiskadee began to further develop her songwriting skills. Some of her early work was featured in a stage production of Dick Whittington at the Royal National College, Hereford. She toured Romania as part of a World Music group just after the revolution and formed a successful steel band duo with her husband, which has performed widely over the last five years. She has produced songs for other artists but now Kiskadee is embarking on her solo career. “I really feel my West Indian roots,” says Kiskadee. “Calypso, Reggae, Soca, Soul, R&B. I grew up with them all.”

Kiskadee recently performed at the British Association of Steelbands 4th Annual Awards ceremony where she made a terrific impact with her “Xmas in London” rendition. She certainly lives up to her namesake with her sweet and powerful voice that captivates her audience always leaving them wanting more. Read more about Kiskadee by visiting her website www.kmm.info  or email her at music@kmm.info .

© and courtesy Robbie Joseph

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A Celebration of Women
And The Steelpan Artform

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March 7, 2005 

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