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Meet Kizzi Codrington of Trinidad & Tobago

She’s the baby of the ‘Codrington’ steelpan family dynasty.  Growing up Codrington has its challenges and rewards. Kizzi shares her thoughts on playing pan in the first family of Pan in a When Steel Talks exclusive.

A When Steel Talks Exclusive


WST - “Kizzi, how long have you been playing pan?”

Kizzi C. - “I have been playing for about 8 years now. I started since I was 5 years old.”

WST - “What do you enjoy most about performing on the steelpan?”

Kizzi C. - “I enjoy getting to travel abroad and perform in shows.”

WST - “When you grow up would you consider a full-time career as a performing panist?”

Kizzi C. - “Yes, I would consider it but I also like to sing so maybe part-time.”

Kizzi with Keisha C.
Kizzi Codrington (right) with big sis Keisha

WST - “Which pan do you play?”

Kizzi C. - “I can play all but I love the Double Tenor the most.”

WST - “What is the best part about being in a band, Codrington Pan Family, with your family?”

Kizzi C. - “I can be myself around my family.”

WST - “Do you go with your family when they travel outside of Trinidad & Tobago to perform? How does your schoolwork fit in with this, if so?”

Kizzi C. - “Yes, I get to travel with the band sometimes. If it is during school time I get the notes that I missed from my friends and I get the teachers to keep the assignments for me.”

WST - “Do your school friends ask questions about your being part of a band? If so, what are some of your answers?”

Kizzi C. - “Most of the time they ask me how it feels to travel abroad to play the pan. It feels great and I get to stay in hotels and try new foods and meet people.”

WST - “And what do your classmates think of you playing the steelpan instrument?”

Kizzi C. - “They don’t really see me as a pan player but they look at me as a musician and a celebrity. A lot of them always come to me for help when they don’t understand something on the Pan or a music assignment.”

WST - “Do you think you are, or will be - as good as Keisha?”

Kizzi C. - “No, but I’m still trying.”

WST - “Have you played pan on an iPad or other device? If so, how is it?”

Kizzi C. - “Yes I played pan on the iPad and I also played on the PHI. It was fun being able to play what I know using technology.”

WST - “Do you play, or are you interested in playing, any other instruments, besides pan?”

Kizzi C. - “I can also sing a little and I want to learn to play the piano.”

WST - “Is there anything else about Pan you would like to say?”

Kizzi C. - “I wish that the steelpan was taken more seriously so that it can be in all the schools for every child to get to play it.”

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