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Toronto -

Open Letter To Tout Monde 


 Queen Macoomeh


Copyright August 2007

I not in no sou-sou wid all yuh eh, so ah talkin plain in here today. Ah sharin licks an praise from top to bottom, lef to right an all inbetween. Hear meh lyrics.

I never, in all meh years goin to King an Queen show in Lamport, ever see so much people! From Nort to Sout side in de stands was pack, de beer tent was pack, de VIP tent was pack, all behine de DJ was pack. De show start lil late but still widdin reason. De ticket was $35 dollars eh? So ah hope when time to count de money, dem doh come an tell we dey din make no profit.

De problem was, dat even after de place was pack, dey was still sellin ticket. So people pay de stiff $20 to park, de stiffer $35 to come een an cah fine nowhere to put dey bamsee. So is $55 plus gas or bus ticket we spen to reach Lamport. Some patrons come from udda countries so is plane ticket to add up. Ah know dey want to make a profit but dey have to remember de consumer. Dey sellin we cat in bag when dey allow more people to come dan dey have room for. Dey not usin de wes side of de stadium so dey have to count up de capacity fuh de east side an sell ticket to suit. Den dey have to add een dem illegal immigrant who come inside widdout payin a red cent. Ah notice some small small costume wid four fedda come een but nine people was holding each one of dem four fedda.

We have seniors an chirren comin to de event so ah fine dey could well ease dem up wid de ticket price. It hurtful to see we seniors an lil ones jam up in de crowd an cah see de show even doh dey put out de $35. If is one ting ah go make a jail for is how we treat we ancestors....

As fuh de Pan Alive show. Well, dat is a whole epistle by itself yes. Ah have licks to share fuh dat but ah cah talk everyting now. Ah go finish de verse nex week.

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From the News Desk of Queen Macoomeh

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Results for Toronto's 2007 Panorama

Positions / Points


1st / 271
Salah Steelpan Academy
Pan Lamentation
2nd / 266
New Dimension
2nd  / 266
Afro Pan
Sharing Licks

Earl LaPierre Snr 2007.jpg
Earl LaPierre

2nd / 266
Pan Fantasy
5th / 263

Mark Mosca

6th / 248
Pan Vibrations
7th/ 242  Panatics       
8th/ 239 Metro Tones      
9th/ 228 Pan Masters      
10th/ 227 Hamilton Youth Steel Orchestra      
11th/ 227 St. Jamestown Youth Centre Steel Orchestra      
12th/ 225 Symphonyx Steel Orchestra      

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