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North Stars Steel Orchestra cops
2007 St. Lucia Panorama Title

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St. Lucia
Panorama Watch

Formed in the 1960’s, North Stars Steel Orchestra showed that four decades later, they continue to have the stuff champions are made of. Performing Ivan Smith’s arrangement of Melé, the band took the stage at St. Lucia’s Beausejour Cricket Grounds at 10:49 PM on Friday 13 July, performing in the line-up of six orchestras competing for pan supremacy.

By the time results were announced, the venerable steel orchestra had dethroned defending champions Diamond Steel, in the country’s 2007 national panorama competition which ended before 1:00 AM. Last year’s champs had to settle for second place honors, with Pantime Steel Orchestra who took the stage with an Amrit Samaroo arrangement of Heat, securing third position in the hotly-contested event.  Prize monies ranged from EC $15,000.00 for the sixth placed band to EC $38,000.00  (approx. US $5,618.00 - US $14,232.00) for champions North Stars.  Full details and points are below.

For the record, St. Lucia’s national panorama title has been in the hands of either North Stars, or Diamond Steel, since 1998.  From then through 2006, Diamond Steel has clutched the championship no less than six times, while North Stars succeeded in snatching it from their grasp three times in that time period. 

But perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the fourth place meted out to Babonneau Steel Orchestra; the displeasure of some in the crowd was audible when that announcement came.    They felt that this band had put on a strong performance with Manifesto arranged by Allison Marquis, and merited a higher position.

This is the first year the event was held at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds, and many were pleased with the new venue, saying it brought a touch of class to the annual show.  Tired, but pleased after the show, president of the St. Lucia Steelband Association Nicky Calderon who had presented the competition’s third prize, expressed appreciation at the way the panorama had unfolded.  He also said that in response to St. Lucians wish for more steelpan music outside the annual panorama season, additional events are planned before the year is out, including a Christmas steelpan competition, and Pan Round de Neck performances which, Calderon said were gaining in popularity on the island.


RESULTS, PRIZES for St. Lucia’s 2007 Panorama

Positions / Points


1st / 260.5
Leverage Management North Stars Steel Orchestra
EC$ 38,000.00

Ivan Smith

2nd / 254.5
Cable & Wireless Diamond Steel Orchestra
EC$ 30,000.00
A Groovy Folk Song
Gregory “Shining” Emmanuel
3rd / 248.5
Digicel Pantime Steel Orchestra
EC$ 25,000.00

Amrit Samaroo

4th / 242
Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra
EC$ 20,000.00
Allison Marquis
5th / 213.5
Busta Emerald Steel Orchestra
EC$ 17,000.00
Pan It’s Magic to Me
Guy Innocent
6th / 211
Super J Pan Exodus Steel Orchestra
EC$ 15,000.00
Panorama Anniversary
Shayin Flavius &
Lucius “Gotty” Alexander

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When Steel Talks
St. Lucia
Panorama Watch





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