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Pan Trinbago - Trinidad & Tobago

Pan Trinbago is a cultural organization which was incorporated by Act of Parliament, 5 of 1986. It formerly operated and was registered as a Union representing the interest of steelpan players. The general membership of the steelband Movement decided that it would better serve their interests in the development and promotion of the steelband, to become incorporated by an Act of Parliament in Trinidad and Tobago, the birth place of the steelband and the main centre for the propagation of this art form.

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President:  Keith Diaz
Vice President:  Bryon Serrette
Secretary:  Richard Forteau
Treasurer:  Anthony McQuilkin
Michael Joseph:  Trevor Reid

Education Officer:  Withfield Weekes
Media Communications Officer:  Angela Fox


Telephone:  1 (868) 623 4486;  1 (868) 623 6831;  1 (868) 627 5683.
Office is open Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m., (Eastern Time GMT -05:00).
In emergencies contact the office manager at 1 (868) 757 0721.
Fax: 1 (868) 625 6715
Address: Suite 1D, Victoria Suites
Victoria Square North, Port of Spain
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, WI
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 910 Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, WI


New South Wales Schools Steel Band Association
- Australia

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PANCH - Switzerland

Swiss Steelband Association
Amount of members: approx. 35 steelbands and 110 individual members

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Association and Newsletter for steelbands in Switzerland, founded 1983.
Amount of members: approx. 120 steelbands (approx. 90 % of all steelbands in Switzerland) and circa 1,600 members



Danish Pan Association - Denmark

Dansk Steelband- og Olietøndeforening (DSOF)

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Steelband Association - Grenada

At present the Association is not functioning, the interim body is headed by Mr. Andy Chichester, Mr. David Edwards and one representative from the various steel orchestras.

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Mr. Andy Chichester /  Mr. David Edwards


Pan Pioneers Production - Grenada

This body organizes workshops and coordinates projects to document and preserve the information on steel orchestras in Grenada.
  Directors:  Gerard Tamar and David Seales



Germany - Steelpan European Member


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Contact:  Judith Spoo
Executive Board Member Steelpan European



The Netherlands - Steelpan European Member

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Contact:  Rob Booden
Piet Linnebank - Phone:  +31 343 535 675 / +31 346 214 101
GSM:  +31 343 514 297

Florida Steel Band Association

Mission Statement

Our vision is to promote Pan (henceforth called Steel Pan) in its art form as a cultural instrument to enhance the expression of this unique instrument born in Trinidad and Tobago and the only acoustic instrument created in the 20th Century.

Provide an enriched environment for technical research and development of the art form.

To create opportunities for artistic and innovative growth

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President:  Michael G. Kernahan
Advisor to the President:  Dr. Dawn Batson
Vice Pres:  Carlyle Shaw
Treasurer:  Arlene Batson-George
Secretary/ Chairperson:  Myrna Kernahan
Trustee:  Andrew Bannatyne

The Northern Chapter (based in Orlando)
Members:  Junior Pouchet
George "Jammer" Mascal
Leo James
Kelvin Hart
Leroy De Gazon

contact:  M. Kernahan


Indiana Steel Pan Association

The ISPA is a non-profit in the state of Indiana dedicated to organize, serve, promote and fight for the pan community in the state and to further the steelband movement in general. There are over twenty steelbands and countless pan players in the state, and we not only want to increase this number, but help to grow and develop these programs as much as possible. Beyond serving the pan community, our dedication to the steelband movement is served through hosting performances, festivals, presentations, educational events, etcetera, to promote the history and culture of the steel pan to the general public.

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Co-founders: Eric Mannweiler, David Chase, Tom Berich

National Association of Bands (NAS)

New York Steelbands

 click here for the steelbands of New York

President:  Anthony “Ike” Hinds
United States Steelband Association (USSA)

New York Steelbands

 click here for the steelbands of New York

President:  Martin Douglas

Telephone: 1 (718) 345-1552


Antigua & Barbuda Steelband Association

In Antigua & Barbuda, Harmonites Steel Orchestra have been Panorama champions (8) eight times.  Other bands which have captured this coveted title include: Halcyon Steel Orchestra - (9) nine times; Supa Stars, Ebonites and Brute Force (the first recorded steel orchestra) - (1) once each; Rising Sun and Gemonites - twice each, and; nine-time Panorama champs Hells Gate, also the country’s oldest steel orchestra.

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Contact: Anthony Hampson




French Steelband Association - France

CALYPSOCIATION Association:  3 Steelbands and school of steeldrum (140 members) - Steelpan European Member


President:  Muriel GUENOUX

Contact:  Amélie Brunet
15 rue Forest - F-75018 Paris - France


Tél:  +



Steelband Association - France




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President:  Perle Joris
Secretary/Treasurer:  Mélanie Somma

Address:  13 Place du Tambour d'Arcole 84000 - France

Tel:  00 33 677 439 705



British Association of Steelbands (BAS)

The British Association of Steelbands (BAS) was established in December 1995 to represent steelbands and to further the musical, artistic, educational and social aspects of this art. An elected voluntary Management Committee made up of Band representatives and individuals runs the Association. Membership is open to all steelbands and interested individuals.

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  Chairman:  Pepe Francis
Vice Chair:  Eversley Mills
Secretary:  Debi Gardner

Contact/PRO:  Robbie Joseph




Saint Lucia National Steelbands Association





 click here for the steelbands of St. Lucia

President:  Antonius “Nikki” Calderon
Vice President:  Lucius Alexander
Treasurer:  Jacky Charles
Assistant Treasurer:  Gene Neptune
PRO:  Philip Sydney
Assistant PRO:  Sydwina Alexander
Secretary:  Danna Dolor
Assistant Secretary:  Tanzia Toussaint
Trustees:  Agosta Degazon & Kerwin Charlemagne

Contact (President):  1 (758) 455 2074 / (758) 714 0103

Address:  St. Lucia National Steelbands Association
c/o Cultural Development Foundation
Barnard Hill
Castries, St. Lucia, WI


Dominica Steelband Association

 click here for the steelbands of Dominica

President:  Anna Rafoul
Telephone:  1 (767) 448 2622

Guyana  Steelband Association

 click here for the steelbands of Guyana


Virgin Islands Steelband Association

 click here for the steelbands of the Virgin Islands




The Japanese steel drum organization

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 click here for the steelbands of Botswana


South Africa

 click here for the steelbands of South Africa

Contact:  Bryan Clarke
Tel:  083 777 6762


 click here for the steelbands of Nigeria


Contact: Panland
Tel:  234-1-2819933 
Address:  PanLand, Km33 (opposite Agbara Industral Estate) Badagry Expressway, Lagos - Nigeria




The Steel Band Association of Kirkkonummi, Finland

 click here for the steelbands of Finland


Web site:



Finland Steelband Association

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Contact:  Ari Viitanen

Ontario Steel Pan Association, O.S.A. -

The only Registered Steel Pan Organization in Canada is the Ontario Steel Pan Association.  Our association represents all the major bands in Ontario and Quebec.  Our organization is a  not-for-profit corporation registered with the Provincial Government of Ontario.

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Chairman:  Ed Peters
Vice Chairman:  Ken Bhagan
Secretary:  Ian Jones
Treasurer:  Ralph Ryce

Contact:  Ed Peters -
Ian Jones:



Curaçao - Netherlands Antilles
Band name:  Riba Tera  (Down to Earth)
Director and Arranger:  Konkie Halmeyer
Office:  Kaya Groschen 147 Curaçao N.A
Tel:  005999- 8695255


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