Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME


sung by “Chucky”
music by Don Clarke
lyrics by Alvin Daniell



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Verse 1
As we hear the count we start up slow, like lava that now begin to flow
Then let go, we done set it up perfect you know
Then let the rhythm, start improving
As we play, feel de sway, grooving, moving
So now, we on de go, increasing the tempo
Then we slam, jam, with soul, ram yuh hard for we music on a roll.

Can you feel de momentum, emanating from de drum
Feel de momentum, saying come
Music on a roll, so we plan on taking control
We don’t plan to ever flop, never ever going to stop
All the way till we reach the top
Feel de momentum
Feel de momentum
Feel de momentum
We moving on
No opposition we run from
We will not ever succumb
Winners we will become
For we have truly got the momentum.

Verse 2
Whenever there are walls that blocking you, you just need a little inertia
Break them down, always you must never say never
Like the Berlin Wall, a wall can fall
David kill, Goliath, though small, recall
A tot, with a slingshot, lick down, this big giant
So then when, you, confront, hurdles you got to meet dem from the front.


Verse 3
So now that we have your attention, we must give you this notification
This session, we have embarked on a set mission
This hot soca chime, makes you jump up
Party time, join the lime, keep up, nonstop
Lava, now on full flow, musical volcano
Spouting flash, ash, explo’, with venom and with furious momentum.


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Mr. Chucky

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Chucky, vocalist for 'Momentum'


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Mr. Chucky - Known in the calypso world as “Mr. Chucky,” his real name is Roderick Gordon.  He is a product of the Junior Monarch Calypso Competitions in Trinidad & Tobago, and has participated in various National Joint Action Committee competitions as well as Better Village productions.  In 2007 he won the “Stars of Tomorrow” Competition.  Lately he has been in demand to vocalize songs for the pan. He sang Soca Is It and the popular Thunder Coming - both composed by Edwin Pouchet and Alvin Daniell. For 2011 he offers Momentum, a Don Clarke/Alvin Daniell composition.

Alvin C. DaniellAlvin C. Daniell - Engineer, Cultural Researcher, Television Presenter, Composer and Music Producer comprise the disciplines of this individual.  In the pan world he is best known for his lyrical work with some of the top pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago. These include Ray Holman (Pan on the Move, Pan on the Run); Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Mind Yuh Business, Misbehave); Pelham Goddard (Parade, Play My Music, Good News, A Happy Song); Brian “Bean” Griffith (Trini Know How, Pure Party, How we coming – 2011); Don Clarke (Can’t Get Enough, Momentum – 2011). He has also worked recently with Edwin Pouchet to produce hits such as Thunder Coming, First in de Line and Battle Zone. So far he has written lyrics for over six songs for 2011.

Don ClarkeDon Clarke took a rest from composing in 2009-2010. For 2010, he wrote Momentum, with lyrics by Alvin Daniell, sung by “Chucky,” and studio work by Junior “Ibo” Joseph.  The melody came to Don early one morning in June 2009 as a gift from God. He got up about 2:20 a.m. and started playing it on his keyboard; everything just started to flow.

“A good melody is one that you can whistle or hum to yourself.  It can be played on one instrument.  It is simple but not boring, and you can remember it after hearing it once, especially for ‘D youth man.’  So, a good melody is simple, but that doesn't make it simple to produce or arrange.  You can work for a year on one song and never get what you are hearing in your head onto tape. Sometimes you can come up with a catchy line, but you are never able to turn it into a complete melody.”  But this time, it came to Don naturally.  “That's why,” he says, “it was a gift from God.”

“The first name Steppin’ High Man was suggested by my good friend and engineer Jack Huggins. I said ‘What... name is that?!’  He said ‘I have to call it something or the computer won't save it!’ and we had a good laugh about it.”

“When you listen to the lyrics of Momentum the melody moves in stages and before you know it, you are singing and dancing with joy.  I have some good friends who have always given me their opinion whenever I compose a tune; as a matter of fact it was Roger Greenidge who suggested that I should use Momentum from a list of five other words.

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