Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME


sung by Steve Sealy
composed by Avis Bruce



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Verse 1

Tracy, Amy and Jean come down here to play dey pan
Dey want to play pan like what dey does see in de grandstand
When dey start tuh play dey took my breath away
I was so surprise when I realize
Dey had ah dance for all de lines
Dey dress up looking fine
Now de ting start to change when Jean start to swing she hand like the conductor.

Pantrix all on top the bass
Pantrix and dey throwing waist
Pantrix all under de pan
Dem three young gyals using pantrix
Pantrix switching with dey friend
Pantrix every now and then
Pantrix wine down to de ground
Dem three young gyals using pantrix
Dey looking for space to nice up de place
This ting really is fantastic
Panorama trix and more trix.

Verse 2

Last year dey went to ah band
Cause dey really want to jam
Dey got an hour with one of de best in each section
When dey hit de stage the arranger got enraged
Cause when he finish count
Dem gyals was all about
Dey never learn de song
Dey jumping up and down
Dey eh play no music like dey come here for kicks
Just skating on with dey sticks



Gim meh de trix (gim meh it)
Gim meh de trix (gim meh it)
Gim meh de trix 
Gim meh de trix 
Gim meh de trix now
Gim meh de trix (gim meh it)
On de pantrix (gim meh it)
Gim meh de trix  
Gim meh de trix 
Gim meh de trix now (repeat 2x)

Verse 3
Amy say she want to play with ah big time steelband
She really love de effect when it ring out on de pan
It does sound like bombs or ammunition
Some does sound like rain
Water pouring down de drain
Dey have de volcano effect
And thunder that’s a threat
If dey doh use chromatics as some of dey licks
De arrangement lacking pantrix




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Steve Sealy

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Avis Bruce
Avis Bruce

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Avis Bruce is a professional steelpan musician, arranger, composer and music teacher. She has been a member of the present Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Symphony Orchestra from its inception; in addition she was a member of the former Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Orchestra. Avis is currently reading for her Bachelors in Musical Arts at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.

For the 2010 panorama season Avis collaborated with Amrit Samaroo, composing a song titled “Somewhere In Tobago” vocalized by Steve Sealey. Two steel orchestras in the medium band category, both from Tobago - Dixieland and West Side Symphony, went to the Panorama competition with the song.

This year, 2011, Avis composed another song - “Pantrix” - again sung by Steve Sealy and produced by Kareem Brown.  Tobago’s West Side Symphony would be playing this song for Panorama 2011.

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