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‘All Night’

sung by Barry Smith
composed by Barry Smith

produced by Dennis Smith



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Hmm Hmm, ah want yuh,
Ah want yuh tonight girl
Ah ha, yuh teasing mey darling
Hmm Hmm yuh doing it,
Yuh doing it for spite now
Oooh hmm


Ah telling yuh,
All night we doing it
Gyal ah love de shape of yuh body
All night we doing it
Come on over yuh driving me crazy
All night we doing it
You alone ah want in front of me
All night we doing it
Take yuh time and shake it properly

Verse 1

I just love de way
how yuh move yuh waist
When yuh wining up in de party
(All night we doing it )
De music so sweet,
got to move yuh feet
When yuh feel de heat in yuh body
(All night we doing it)


Verse 2

I come out to fete I ent tired yet
Is de time to wine on somebody
(All night we doing it )
De music so sweet, got to move yuh feet
When yuh feel de heat in yuh body



Gyal meh love de way
how yuh jiggle yuh body
And one thing ‘bout she
dat me never say - Wah
She keep it clean like Christmas, me say
Is ah one-man girl in ah dis club me say
People start to bawl out big Barry
Dey no one night stand
Let’s go de right way
Propose to her, be meh wifey
Is ah girl like you
Meh wah spend life yeah
So back it back it, Iand, cock, it cock
Oye me ha de key to lock it, lock it
Swing it, swing it and bring it bring
Oye baby girl me ah win it, win it
Under de cover me ah pin it, pin it
You be mey lover pin it, pin it
There be no other me ah pin, it pin it
Shout it out me ah win it win it



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“All Night”
Barry Smith

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Barry Smith
Barry Smith

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Barry Smith: Meet Barry Smith, 30, Trinidad and Tobago’s latest Soca artiste with a penchant for dancehall and reggae music.  He has been writing and singing his music for the past seventeen years.

He started his musical career in his school days at Pleasantville Senior Secondary and has never looked back. Some of the influences for his music and compositions came from his participation in Best Village competitions, which provided him with the rhythms while playing the drums.  He was also participated in the 2007 season of Synergy Soca Stars.

Barry has teamed up with Dennis Smith, a well-known panist, to produce his first recordings for the 2013 Carnival season. The songs are  the track featured here - All Night - a soca jam written by Barry, and Gih Me Some More written by Dennis.

In his short career as a singer/ composer, Barry has written approximately twenty-five songs and has recorded fifteen to date.

There is no limit to this young man’s talent and with his love and dedication to his music; the sky will be the limit.

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