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‘Bounce and Drive’

sung by Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart
composed by Clive Telemaque

produced by Samuel Jack



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Verse 1

This year,
I sending out greetings to everyone
Ah coming again, with a big ‘Pan song’
Take a taste you would not regret
This is something you won’t forget
Party music in the savannah
We go shake up Panorama
Bounce and drive will keep the music alive
You could make them mesmerized
Keep them energized
Make them hypnotized
Then they tantalized
Bounce the bass, move your waist,
Music take over the place


Thing to make you want to move
(start to move)
Thing to make you want to groove
(start to groove)
Bounce and drive in the savannah
Bounce and drive for Panorama
Tenors sounding rel busy
Bass line funky and bouncy
Bounce and drive in the savannah,
Bounce and drive for Panorama
Come up with the ultimate,
to show your music is great
From the intro, to the end,
jam them give them problem
Ah lil trick here and trick there,
ah lil jam here and jam there
Ah lil run here and run there
Start to bounce, start to bounce, start to bounce, start to bounce, start to bounce

Verse 2

Town say, four bands is competing to win three straight
Single and small, medium and large
If you single try to mingle
If you small show them you have gall
Medium could be dominant
When you large you should be in charge
Sweet and bouncy,
your music should be jumpy
It must be dramatic
Disguise those chromatic
Sweet chord progression
With plenty aggression
Tenors talking, bass line walking,
everybody bouncing


Everybody, bounce and drive,
bounce and drive in the savannah
Bounce and drive, bounce and drive for panorama, bounce and drive
Bounce and drive, bounce and drive,
bounce and drive

Verse 3

Tell them finals night
is how you really perform
You must come out and give it your all
That is how you answer the call
From Peter right down to Paul
That’s the difference from one and all
That is how you does get first call
Remember how Panorama used to be
When steelband used to jam
The whole savannah ‘ram’
The crowd pack the barber-greene
Faster than Maurice Green
Lively music, cyah refuse it
That is how we do it


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“Bounce and Drive”
Clive Telemaque

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Clive Telemaque
Clive Telemaque

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Clive Telemaque has been playing Pan since 1972 when he was still a small boy. He started to play with Renegades Steel Orchestra on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, and then went onto Trinidad All Stars in 1973.

Telemaque has travelled around the world a few times, visiting places like India, Africa, Japan, England, North Korea, the USA and many others. He has also performed in local competitions in his homeland of Trinidad, at shows, wedding parties and other occasions.

He is a past arranger for St. Margaret Boys Anglican School, winning three Junior Panorama competitions and also taking the Gonzales Sheikers to nine Panorama finals in eleven years. Telemaque composed a Calypso some years ago which was sung by Protector, who in turn went on to capture the Young Kings crown performing the selection. From 2000 Telemaque began working with the Carnival Cruise Line, and performed as a premier soloist on the vessels through 2010.

In 2012, in his first attempt at a “Pan song”, Telemaque composed Play Yourself which was the winning tune at the Panorama Finals 2012 Large Band category, performed by his band Trinidad All Stars.

For the 2013 season he is seeking to continue his winning start by producing other compositions such as the track featured here, Bounce and Drive and People’s Choice.

Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart

Dexter John Stewart, better known as “Blaxx” was born December 21st, 1962. Dexter started his musical journey at the tender age of thirteen, where his father Jerry Stewart who owned his own band called “Jerry and New School” molded him into what we see today. Dexter then joined a very popular band called “Fucceccion” where he became “Blaxx” after a ten-year span.

He then went on to join many other band's like “Atlantic,” “Byron Lee and the Dragonaires” and ”Blue Ventures.”  In 1999 when the legend himself, Mr. Roy Cape approached “Blaxx” and asked him to join his family of musicians (Roy Cape All Stars), “Blaxx” honourably accepted and the rest is history. Since 1999 Blaxx and Roy Cape have kept “Roy Cape All Stars” in the forefront of the Soca Music industry. To say the least, “Blaxx” is one of the most versatile artists in the soca industry today.

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