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‘Gih Dem Something, Baron’

sung by Vornique Benjamin
composed by Hayden Lynch & Sheldon Nugget

arranged by Damion Preston



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Sweet soca man,
Bring music to my land - yeah
Gih them!

Verse 1

The music was right, de other night
Down south in a fete,
The jammin’ was right
I and meh friends was having real fun
I hear somebody shout out
“Baron in town!”


Gih them Baron, gih them something
(People asking)
Gih dem until foday morning
We know you’s the sweet soca man
Come on Baron, gih them some jam

Verse 2

The party was nice, things feeling right
People drinking beer, no fuss or no fight
The bar selling out
Some drinking white rum
Ah still hearing Baron in town



You know you’s de sweet soca man
Come on Baron, gih we some jam
Baron come and gih we ah taste
Jam some soca inside this place

Verse 2

People getting ready to leave the fete
The DJ man say “Don’t leave as yet”
All of a sudden Baron take the mike
He never stop singing until daylight


Gih dem something (x3)

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“Gih Dem Something, Baron”
Hayden Lynch

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Vornique Benjamin

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Hayden Lynch

Hayden Lynch hails from Trinidad W.I., where he was born in 1957 in the village of Tunapuna, east Trinidad. At age five he started to play Pan on an old tenor pan in his back yard. The first song he learned, which was self-taught, was “Somewhere My Love.”

Lynch’s first experience of playing in a steelband, “Klondyte,” was when he was just nine. He went on to play for many others orchestras such as Delphonic, Curepe Scherzando, Sforzata and Desperadoes just to name a few. In 1990 he migrated to the USA and continued playing pan with ADLIB and Despers USA.

Lynch has penned several pieces in the last few years.  With the track featured here—Gih Dem Something, Baron—he is following up on 2011’s Children You Must Love Your Mother and 2012’s Steel Pan Melody.

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