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ĎGodís Musicí

sung by Sean Daniel
music by Earl Brooks, Sr.
lyrics by Winsford Devine & ďCrazyĒ

arranged by Leston Paul



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Verse 1

I call it Godís music - Pan is Godís music
Created in heaven -
Steel band is Godís music
A gift to the public
For true celebration
Pure and soulful - sweet and joyful,
Dat is the music of pan
So leh we show it
Leh we express it
Leh we show it
Jehovah music


Pan is Godís music
Dat came from a divine inspiration
Made in heaven - for the pan man
In this great twin-island - So man!
Pan is Godís music - Tell Trinbago
Pan is blessed music
Tell the whole world, Pan is Godís music
Tell Trinbago, Pan is blessed music

Verse 2

Straight from de Almighty
came the sound of pan
To thrill humanity; in every nation
Touched by His Divine hand
From island to island
Sounds of healing, praise and blessing
According to de Lordís plan
So leh we show it
Leh we play it
Leh we promote it
Jehovah music



Verse 3

Pan is sweet music, and God made it so
Vibrant and angelic - wherever you go
In every echo- symphonic, high and low
Sweet like sugar, sweet like honey
No instrument sweet like pan
So leh we show it
Play it
Express it
Jehovah music


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ďGodís MusicĒ
Sean Daniel

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Sean Daniel
Sean Daniel

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Earl Brooks, Sr.
Earl Brooks, Sr.

Godís Music is another song in the running as a contender in the ĎPan Tuneí arena for the 2014 Panorama season, into where several musicians, composers and producers have already thrown their hats. Sung by Sean Daniel - composer, arranger and pan musician Earl Brooks, Sr. wrote the music for this track, as he did for the 2013 ode to the late legendary pan icon Bertie Marshall called One For Bertie.  Lyrics for Godís Music are attributed to Winsford Devine and Edwin ďCrazyĒ Ayoung. Veteran musician Leston Paul arranged the piece.

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