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‘One For Bertie’

sung by Helon Francis
composed by Earl Brooks, Sr.
lyrics by Alvin Daniell

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“One For Bertie”
Helon Francis
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Bertie Marshall is gone
(But his memory will linger on)
Bertie Marshall is gone
(Loss of a genius we now must mourn)
Blessed with talent and a special gift
He aim to give the steel pan a lift
Bertie, a perfectionist.


Innovator (Bertie Marshall)
Master tuner (Bertie Marshall)
Double tenor (Bertie Marshall)
Pan inventor (Bertie Marshall)
By age fourteen
He mastered playing the Pan
(But to tune it harmoniously was his plan)
He survived criticism and ridicule
(Though some even called him
A bloody fool)
The chariot Pan (Bertie Marshall)
Tone-a six-Pan (Bertie Marshall)
Quadrophonic (Bertie Marshall)
Every Pan trick (Bertie Marshall)
Chinee Pan, J’Ouvert Morning
In de band, so they singing
What tin can, breaking the land
Who’s de man, is Bertie Marshall.

Verse 2

Pan Pioneers like Spree
(That motivate him to tune the pan)
Run way from school daily
(Buy with he school fees a mouth organ)
Just to get the tone of the Harmonica
Is harmonics he looking for
Bertie, that gifted tuner.


Verse 3

The Chaconia Gold he got
(Also the order of Trinidad)
Cash they promise a lot
(That he never saw it is so sad)
So this Panorama his legacy
Play Pan for the man called Bertie
Sweetly, in his memory.



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