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‘Thoroughbred of Pan’

sung by “Crazy”
composed by George La Barrie

arranged by Pelham Goddard



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Verse 1

Big horse race last year in savannah
Thoroughbreds of Pan on show
They call the race
the Bertie Marshall classic
You know all true Panatics had to go
Massive crowd was gathered
on the home stretch
If you see the fans
straining their poor necks
As they send them on their way -
A man turn around and he say
“Leh we see
the true big horse here today”


They running and they running
and they running fast
Everybody in the race
all of them have class
Bertie Marshall classic here they come
All the big horses tumbling down
Run for the roses dust flying –
people screaming
The greatest thoroughbreds in the land
Fighting to see who is champion
And who is the true Thoroughbred of Pan

Verse 2

Phase II when they pass the stands
with a strong pace
Throwing dus’ in Exodus and All Stars face
Desperadoes looking good
as they went pass
Then up came Invaders and Silver Stars
Fonclaire, Renegades also Skiffle
They were all together in the middle
“Boogsie” push Phase II in the clear
Put them where the air is rare
To leave poor Redemption Sounds
in despair



Verse 3

The ground was so hard dust was flying
Some even say an outsider could win
The track at the savannah is a stiff course
To win you have to be a well-bred horse
Round the Shamrock bend horses bunching
Gordon felt Redemption sounds weakening
Herbert move on Invaders
and so too did Robbie on Despers
But “Smooth” watching all of them on All Stars



Verse 4

On the straight heading to the judges
jockeys whipping
Pouchet felt that Silver Stars was struggling
Poor “Professor” tried his best
to move on Fonclaire
Despers and Invaders was going nowhere
No room for Ray Holman to move on Skiffle
Pelham Goddard and Exodus
was good but stumble
Duvone pull Renegades wide –
“Smooth” Edwards and All Stars
they both tried
“Boogsie” won on Phase II - Oh what a ride


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“Thoroughbred of Pan”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Edwin Ayoung: “Crazy” - born Edwin Ayoung in  1944, on Maraval Road in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad of a Venezuelan mother and Trinidadian father of Chinese descent, was - in his youth - as skilled and competitive in his country’s national pastime of cricket, as he has been now for years as a world-travelled musician, performing artist and composer.

Though dubbed The “Loveable Lunatic of Soca,” Ayoung has time and again not been given his due in his native land, yet remains one of the most commercially successful artists on the international soca scene. An experimentalist, he pioneered the unique musical genre known as Parang Soca and played a leading role in promoting Chutney Soca. Crazy would go on to sing several monster smashes in parang soca, including Muchacha and Homemade Wine.

A brilliant double-entendre artiste at its best - Edwin Ayoung has delighted in pushing the envelope in his humorous and witty manner.  With songs like Paul, Nani Wine and Suck Meh Soucouyant to name but three, this illustrious performer remains a staple in the music world.

He’s been ranked in the top three for Trinidad & Tobago’s annual national calypso monarch competition - his best showing being at position two with Dustbin Cover.  He captured the prestigious Road March title (the ‘tune for the road’ during Carnival Monday and Tuesday) in 1985 with Suck Meh, Soucouyant.

This hard-working hit-making machine and best-selling soca artiste over the years has stayed in the public consciousness, serving up such ditties and classics as Drive It, Dis Is How and Cold Sweat.

On the pan scene, Crazy sang one of the most popular ‘pan tunes’ in years; written by Amrit Samaroo, 2007’s Band From Space captured the imagination of the steelband music community worldwide, becoming the panorama selection for some, and part of the overall repertoire for others.

Edwin Ayoung makes his home in California on the USA’s west coast, with frequent trips back to the land of his birth.

Edited by C. Phillips

George La Barrie

George La Barrie has been composing calypso music since 1975. His love for steelband music started as a young boy living on Nelson Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad. In 1959 La Barrie played pan with ‘Mexicanos Steelband’ for the first time. His musical heroes are Lord Kitchener and master musician Clive Bradley.

This particular pan tune Thoroughbred of Pan came about while in the Queen’s Park Savannah for Panorama 2012. Bands were ‘going down the stretch’ and it reminded George La Barrie of a horse race.

Then and there a melody came to his head using the arrangers as the jockeys. After finishing the tune during the 2013 panorama season, one singer came to his mind for this melody. “Nobody else but “Crazy”” he said. “Hope you enjoy it come Panorama 2014.”

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