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ĎJazz On Paní

sung by Tony Barclay
composed by Tony Barclay



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ďJazz On PanĒ
Tony Barclay

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Pan music jamming down Port of Spain
On the repeat here is pan again
Dim the lights and get in the groove
Listen well it will make you move, move
Itís ah touch so musical in your heart
Ah spiritual groove.


Itís jazz on pan
We go change the whole dam mood
Jazz on pan
Itís designed to make you move
Li pi li pi tom, Li pi li pi tom, Li pi li pi tom
Li pi li pi tom, Li pi li pi tom, Li pi li pi tom
With ah crotchet and ah minor

Verse 2

Food for your thought if it is your dream
Itís ah creation thatís full of steam
Mellow music you can compare
On this trip it is very rare
Itís ah sound so magical
With ah tune thatís lyrically sweet
Sweet sweet sweet

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3

Musically notes to restore your mind
Flowing along with rhythm and rhyme
Itís ah world thatís within itself
Taken down from upon the shelf
From ah crotchet to quaver
Ah semi deme quaver groove
groove groove groove


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Tony Barclay
Tony Barclay


Tony Barclay was born in Trinidad where he learned the guitar at a young age. He played things he heard on the radio and sang on street corners. The 60s played a very important part in Tonyís life; listening to radio he heard people like Steve Wonder, James Taylor, Miriam Makeba, George Benson and many more.

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Tony began writing songs singing with Richard Hines, and Ian & Alan Stuart. He began performing at a local radio station, Radio Trinidad, on the ďAuntie KayĒ program and at the Calypso Revue Tent, where he met other artists. Tonyís first record was a Disco 45, The Crown. 

Tonyís love for music continues as life goes on. He has had a number of Pan songs: Pan Hurricane, The Reason and The Hills Coming Down highlighted last season, Quicksilver and more including Pan For Beethoven, Pan 5th Symphony and  Jazz On Pan, the track featured here.


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